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Patchnotes: Xbox Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery - #6 by Ignasi

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Will this also fix the fact that servers are unjoinable on PC Gamepass?
Servers work fine through Steam…

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Still no fix for thralls overloading with food from the thrall pot.

I would like to know if you plan to fix the Stairs issues they all wanted to snap to the middle of a block for me especially underwater!! Also none of the corner pieces would snap I had to use supports under most of it and then it wouldnt work at all underwater. Also making so some of them will blend with the earth would be super nice, being able to collide on things you want to collide on would a nice UI addition.

No more invisible armour / structures in the world, but I still crash almost instantly after logging into a semi-populated base, unlike before v3 update. Please hurry up and fix this. On a side note, the 2nd corrupted Authority perk still kills followers when removing bracelet.


T4 temperwrights are still unable to craft legendary repair kits.
They lost the ability to do that at 3.0 launch, the patch today allows them to craft master repair kits but it should be legendary


more than 40 go to load i started now ,i just hope my base will not be killed in pvp server while loading…

The exiled lands are still bugged dlc still glitched like the caravans and still invisible birds(shoebills) and tamed pets undead hyenas still have the no attacking glitch and alot more
I love this game i really do but common fix the buggs its been 5+ yrs now and this is after this morning’s patch

on my game officel server its back and can be craftet armorer whit hammer on the tinkers bench

I’m also on official server but it’s not back for me. Instead of legendary repair kits they can craft master repair kits

Twitch drop items (watchers) are showing up but are yellow in the knowledge menu. Says they cost 0 but when i click on them they dont turn green and cannot craft them.


thats wierd i tryed it out and craftet 100 legendary repair kits on official server 7020 pve conflict siptha eu

It might be a problem just on the exiled lands because several other people are also complaining about it

no i doubel check it its only the master repair kit not the legendary one :pleading_face::cry::scream:

Hopefully they will fix it soon

Are Rhinos not a little weak now? 178 health for a standard one is about the same as a lowbie exile and the Black Rhino mini boss is only 600 odd so less than a tiger.

Had trouble getting enough sunders on them before they died.

Drop a stack of honey in their inventory and keep splitting it until they are full…I do the same with bearers and feathers.

or fill them with feral flesh and consider them farmers for the compost heaps.

When can I expect to play my Conan Xbox account on my PC?? There are no servers for me .

My Xbox account shows no official servers when playing on my PC. Would like to know they are working on it