XBOX Update 2.3 (15.04.2021) - Major Update! Balancing, Fixes, Stability, Performance, and more!

Thx bro done

We need an update regarding FC fixing broken Thralls post 2.3.
If they’re not standing in the attack position with weapon out or, stuck on a rock or, wandering off or, not coming back (home) from a fight, they’re doing a weird split stance.

And performance on XBSX; landscape rendering, lag, freezing, etc, is much worse now.
Performace was better pre 2.3 when I had a 20x20x30 castle loaded with benches, decorations and Thralls. :confused:

Played for a while and it seemed pretty stable on standard XB1, but some textures a little slow to load. It’s nice to see the game working again.

I will admit that I kinda had my enthusiasm killed quickly though. Back when the patch came out that broke the game, I had just bought the DLC and started a new game. I had a nice starter base that served its purpose, and had moved on and was building a new main base when I finally couldn’t take all the crashing and gave up.

I was excited to get back to finish it, but now I find out all of my planning for space and laying things out and building now has to be completely redone because we have a bunch of new workbenches and bigger things to build that don’t fit in my new base.

I don’t understand why Funcom seems to hate players who want a nice compact base, everything they add takes up more and more space, from the absurdly huge animal pens, oversized stupid “stable” that is just a big platform for some hay to sit on, bunch of workbenches before already and now even more and bigger workbenches.

There’s no balance to play styles in this game, as you basically just play a heavy armor guy with 50 thralls to protect your huge base. It really hurts the title from an RP perspective that playing a somewhat solitary, low-key style with a small base and a pet wolf or whatever just isn’t viable.

I wish I never bought the DLC as it looks like my time has likely come to an end on the game as I feel too restricted and weighed down. The base game itself I got my money’s worth though. The game has so much awesome stuff and is such a great base to build from, but it has really been let down by QC and the weird vision the devs seem have for the game that seem more interested in restricting our options, whether it be through questionable balancing decisions or arbitrary design choices.



Any news on an upcoming hot fix/ patch addressing the fast elevator not being purchasable? Also the thrall ain’t seems to be a bit wonky this patch. There are other issues as well any communication on these issues would be appreciated, thanks.

I mean lets be honest, its gnna be another 8months before they do anything with console. I hope im wrong bt really though wat you guys think? They’ll probly just lump any fixes into a siptah update you know thts how they operate. And its anyones guess still a month or 2 from that. Lol. Remember when they said siptah early 2021, and we almost into May. Im weak. I understand delays and push backs from other companies its a common thing. But this why funcom is so silent when it comes to consoles bc their targeted time frames are no wheres close. Tell me if im wrong.

Good luck everyone

Crashing is back. It was doing good for a couple weeks. This just keeps getting better and better. Understand my frustration?

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Sad to hear that your having that problem monk me and my team are still good we go for 6 to 8 hours before crashing if i may ask what xbox are you playing on i got a new Xbox one x before the update and the game worked so much better hope it gets better for ya.

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To be fair its the white regular xbox one. I realize the game has outgrown it to be reliable. I had to quit playing BDO bc my xbox cant handle that game either, which is why i bought conan. But ive said this before and im not just saying it as an excuse… Litterally i cannot get a new xbox. I would if i could but financially it would be impossible to spend 400$+ on anything right now. My living arrangements will not allow it. And honestly when my live runs out i probably wont refund that either. Was hoping conan could be that offline game i could single player but i guess my gaming days are numbered anyways no biggie.

Game crashed and when I get back on my gear is gone. It hasn’t been 15 minutes so it doesn’t derez. I’m so feed up with your game bout to slip off the bracelet after a year of playing.

I will be as calm as I can.
Signed on today. Saw in event log some things had lost stability. Checked those things 2 days ago. Today they are gone. Hours of work gone. Nothing says it all decayed. Also gates and doors missing.
Im trying my best to be calm here, but what gives FC? Really?

@Suthainn was this right after you did the recent update?

No. In last 2 days

This is what we waited 7 months for…fix one set of bugs, and release a whole batch of new ones, revive old ones…standard procedure at FC. Still excited for IoS? Oh the surprises that await!

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Yea. Got more surprises when I inventoried base. 32 boxes, 6 crates, 5 vaults and 2 cabinets gone. Another update or hotfix and I may lose my mind next…