Xbox Update (20.08.2020) - Update 41: Followers Re-Balancing, Avatar fixes and more!

will the update to the thralls affect the ones already placed? or to the ones in a box tamed but not placed? or how about the ones still on the wheel?

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All thralls, including those already placed.

Curruption detected i uninstalled it and reinstalled it an its the same an if i exit out of single player i get the same message


Seems the new update has caused more issues instead of fixing them. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and still get black screened out of the game. Then When it reloads it says “The game install appears to contain corrupt data. Please reinstall the game to avoid further issues.” Why can’t we just play the game with out all the crashing?


I am having the same issue of corrupt data, is there any fix for this yet?


@Funbags @Hugedork13 @Pantaloons There’s a thread for this issue here:

See also: [Xbox] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines

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Same here, getting boothed back to dashboard every 40-50 min which not happened before. Also cannot skip intro video and even that is laggy and there is an audio delay in it.


Also the tier three bench thralls no longer make all the exceptional weapons. Please fix these issues!

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Obviously here are things borked up again. The corrupt data is not resolveable for me.
Having XBox One X

  • deleted savegames and deinstalled the whole game with addons
    -reinstalled game with all addons (except nude patch & conans atlantean sword which were not advertised )
  • copied nude patch & sword from my other drive (hint for all: take an external drive & copy those files , then you never loose them)
  • started game.
  1. offline game - no problem with corrupted data (as before reinstalling)
  2. online game - still corrupted data

Essence: Affects online games

extreme lagging in intro screen confirmed. Also the game feels more laggy.
But can skip the cinematic scene after a while.

it is unbelievable, did you not test such simple things like start an online game & leave an online game ? (sorry)

I am not willing to start from the beginning again.
(New char has not been tested by me as it is no option)

level3-fighter thralls from sepermeru now have more live points then my dalinsia or any cimmerian…

the unvisible purge bar in german version (coming from 2 different lines of message) are still not fixed.

This means - refresh base and wait for the next hotfix that solves the savegame problem

Hope you deliver a solution different from making a new game!


Hi, can I just ask one question… When you release an update, did you have anyone with an Xbox test it out before releasing the “update”? I realised within 20 seconds that something wasn’t right, surely a professional would notice the same issues… right? The worse thing about it, you put the game on sale, every possible new exile will see what we see and not play it again. Please give us fans a game we can recommend to people… Or one that’s playable at least. Thanks P.s please don’t remove this as its constructive and universally agreed with I imagine.


I don’t know why they removed your post… They were kind words considering the situation.


I have never experienced this kind of disconnect and blatant ignorance from a gaming developer and their supposed community team before, 3 days out from a “patch” that completely finishes off an already broken game and not one single response from them other than deleting perfectly acceptable and understandable posts critical of the state of the game. I can only feel sorry for PS4 users since you know they will be receiving the exact same broken update.

You would think funcom would be embarrassed and yet you know they are not.

Edit: 5 days and counting still no response, only more and more posts being flagged and hidden. Please funcom for the sake of all Conan fans sell the IP to a competent developer who actually cares about the product and their communities.


Imagine physically buying a product from a shop then contacting the manufacturer to explain the problems you have with it and they treat you like this. Also… To add insult to injury, they know its broken. I’ve bought most of the dlc’s plus the original £41.99 for the game, it’s such a shame because it’s a great game when it’s working even with the constant minor bugs.


Update: game crashing back to dashboard every 40-50min even tho i go offline first.
Re installing the game would fix it? Anyone can confirm please?

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After Reinstall the Same problems


yes it affected all of my thralls in my private server, they all went down to a generic number regardless of the HP they already had. my buddy has a purge fighter that had 12k level 9 and i had one same thing level 7 at 13k, and thwy both went down to 8345HP and kept their level the same.

dont really care about that, just that qlp thralls and animals have no diet listed, just blank boxes where their diet once existed. Ive read this was a problem a few months back…?

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Please turn decay off because I can’t get out my base without crashing to refresh other buildings etc. This would stop me and a lot of my fellow gamers from losing a lot of time and pleasure spent, we just want a great game that we love to work properly… That is all. P.s enabling avatars right now is a bad mistake if you haven’t realised it already.


Yes the new update affect all thralls placed in past or in future.

Ye I can second that, the diet box is empty, just another thing that broke.

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