Yellow Lotus Poison - BUG: Buffer overflow (Kicks you out the game)

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug & Crash
Region: EU / Official #3223 /

Normally you hear a sound when used it, you won’t hear that and will get kicked out the game.
I can do this all day if you want to reproduce this, this happend after the latest update at the time of writing this message.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Use Yellow Lotus poison, Cauldron (+T4) for reset feats etc.
  2. Watch getting kicked out of the game.
  3. Slamming controller against wall.
  4. Get back to reality.

Hello @XP88, welcome to the forums!

We’ll sent note to the team in regards to this issue, thank you for the heads up!

Do you simply use the potion and get kicked out of the server right after?


We’ve been unable to reproduce this behavior so far, could you please try reinstalling the game and also testing this out in singleplayer by spawning and using a potion with admin mode?

I will, but I’ll get back to you this weekend.

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