Ymir Broke My Ceiling

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Ok, now I never claimed to be the smartest man, but this is a new one.
I was playing on a solo server exploring all the items through the admin panel. When I came across the true name of Ymir item, now being the curious individual I am I spawned one, and used it. The only problem, I was inside my base. Big ol son of a gun landed on my ceiling breaking 3 panels, that are now no longer replaceable. I tried quitting to the main menu and going back in, problem still persists, currently trying to reinstall the game to see if that’ll do anything.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Obtain a True Name of Ymir item
  2. Go inside your base
  3. Use the true name of Ymir
  4. Panic and try in vain to put the panels back

Probably just need to check stability, repair areas, or rebuild certain existing ceilings.

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Hey there @SJP

Welcome to our community and apologies for this issue. It is not usually recommended to summon the wrath of a God inside your premises as they’re not known for their tact and general care of all mundane belongings. Once the damage is done, please follow @Multigun’s suggestion to check stability of the surrounding items and see if any of the supporting pieces got broken in the process, which could explain why you cannot rebuild in that area anymore.

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