Yndra of Zamoria

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1738
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Yndra of Zamoria. There is no record of a place called Zamoria that existed during the Thurian Age. There is, however, a place called Zamora - perhaps that’s the native land her title should reflect.

Bug Reproduction:

Go look at Yndra of Zamoria. Realize Zamoria isn’t a place that existed during the Thurian age.

Well to be honest, Zamora did not exist during the Thurian Age either. It existed during the Hyborian Age.

The Kingdoms of the Thurian Age were, Ramelia, Valusia, Verulia, Grondar, Thule and Commoria. Then there were also the Island of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu as well as the Pictish Islands. But no Zamora (or Zamoria :stuck_out_tongue: )

I feel like Funcom is often more interested in patches that fix spelling mistakes than it is about fixing the actual game. Let’s face it, that’s pretty much all they did on the last patch it seems. The game still crashes during just about anything. It seems slightly more stable, but not much. You’re pretty much just giving them things to do in place of the actual real patch: “oooo… more typos? Better patch it! We can resolve the other issues later.”

Maybe Zamoria is some obscure town in Zamora.


Or you know, it’s super simple to pop out a bunch of these (takes little to no effort) where as the other issues take a vastly larger amount of work to even just identify WHERE the issue is occurring let alone fix it. But sure, lets just pretend that they care more about spelling than anything else.

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I mean, they did do an update today that didn’t really do much except upset people about storage and, maybe, get rid of the dupe glitch. But, sure, let’s remain as optimistic as possible.

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What about anything I said was being “optimistic”? Can you not comprehend reality to the point that you think it takes just as much time and effort to fix a bug such as the dupe glitch as it does as a spelling error? Are you truly that delusional? How about you stop trying to push your BS narrative for just a moment to actually READ, or even look at REALITY for a moment before you spew more of your garbage.

Oh yeah, and sure, lets just gloss over the fact that they are doing the exact thing that you are crying about them NOT doing in a thread that has nothing to do with what you are crying about. Seriously, wake up from the delusional fantasy land you seem to be in.

I suspect you got some anger issues here. Let’s try not resorting to insults.

I’m fully aware of the issues that are at hand and that it takes time. The issue is more the fact that they have pushed out 3 or 4 updates that have done very little (except address petty issues or fix their shop that everyone thinks is overpriced anyway), let alone solved the larger issues. And yet, they’re giving zero status reports on any of the progress. If they actually tested the game properly, they’d see there’s problems. Instead, we get responses like “would you send us a screenshot or video?” It doesn’t take a screenshot or video to see the problems right in front of them. It’s just buying them more time to give us the runaround. Couple that with the fact that everybody is feeling really fed up. This last update just felt like a straight up slap in the face to their players. It’s a wonder why we’re still playing, except that we actually like this game for what it could be. We feel like masochists with the way they treat us. Do not think for a moment that we don’t care about all these trivial elements. Sure, in a perfect world, they’d be the only issues, but they’re not. We’d like the game to actually work before we worry about their shop maintenance or the spelling mistakes in the lore.

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