You Wanted Magic! We Got Lots of it Here!

Warlock Warz: Magic Masters & Chaotic Kingdoms


Welcome to a new land. While the geography strongly resembles those of the Exiled Lands, this world cannot be more different. Magic runs rampant, and the two Kingdoms are constantly at war. New arrivals fear leaving the safety of the New City as the obstacles to survival are plentiful and friendships are scarce. Beasts roam inhabited areas every night, and Warlocks and Warriors fight freely by day.
Warlock Warz is a unique server that strays far from Conan Lore. From the very beginning you spawn at New City, you will see the differences from previous Lands. Speaking to Conan will allow you to select your allegiance, which will also choose your Religion. There are only two main religions and 5 sub-religions. Chaos has sub-deities Set, Yog and Derketo, while Order has Mitra and Ymir. Choosing either Kingdom will give you all recipes under that religion (there is NO religion choice on character creation)
The King of each Faction is an independent sovereign. Very rarely will the Empire (Admin) step in to help or hinder the kingdoms. The Empire is more concerned with the state of the Land then those who occupy it. So, Kings will oversee setting borders and defending them, feeding their populace and organizing their land. However, resources are sent to Kingdoms by the Empire on a frequent basis and the Kings can distribute or hoard those resources however they choose.
Night Beasts roam the land between the hours of 22:00 & 04:00. While they can be killed, it isn’t easy. They are very hard to spot and are the fastest creatures in the game. Once you are in their sights, they will never give up the hunt until they disappear or are killed. The best way to deal with these creatures is to climb something and stay there until morning.

Probably the most unique aspect of this new world, is magic! There are many ways to become a Warlock, Necromancer or Sorcerer. Some warlocks will focus on one form of magic, while others might try to master all. The drawback is corruption. Each use of magic corrupts the caster and very quickly the spellcaster can find themselves with half health and stamina, making them easy targets. The more experienced warlocks will usually bring a warrior or two along and also possess a Cleansing Gem to remove corruption and continue the battle. Magic projectiles, summoning, aoe attacks, teleportation and more are all included in the warlock repertoire. It will take a while to gain this much power. But once you have it, even the Kings will quake in fear.
There is so much more than what is written here that makes this server amazing! You can play Conan on another server and play this server at the same time and will have two completely different experiences.
Here are a few unique features:
• PvP ALL THE TIME! No Restrictions!
• Safezone for new spawns. An entire “safe” city witch shops, banks and more.
• VIP Ranks with tons of great privileges
• Time Clock Display and Night Beasts
• Warlock Warz Arena for Weekly events with protected Spectator areas and even VIP Area
• Infinity Weapons for gifting and prizes
• Unique Dialogue NPCs offer Quests, new Shopping experience and more
• Buy Thralls from Shops
• 10X Crafting Level 200 Cap
• Magical King Crowns & Scepters
• “Safe” Hotel Rooms for VIP
• Farming, Gardening & Trading
• Reduced Ingredients for certain recipes (ie…Ichor)

More updates are being added daily, while at the same time keeping a stable, small number of Mods. At least 5 of the mods are created and updated by the server owner so updates are quick.
So, there is a lot to get you started here Exile. Although it is advised to take it slow and build yourself up before you move on, it is not mandatory. Live however you want, wherever you want, it doesn’t really matter….you’re all going to die anyway

Mod List:
Connect: steam://connect/

Can you raise the dead to make servants too? I’ve always wanted to command an army of those skeleton/zombie things.:grin:

One of the spells summons Undead Skeletons I manipulated to fight for you for 30 seconds before they dissipate. Right now Im having an aggro issue where they wont fight PvP, but they will kill NPCs. I also have summon Sand Beast Creature and Summon Bat Swarm

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