(10/25) TheVoid [Exiled][Siptah][3X][FAST DEDI][FASTCRAFT]

Get into the VOID!!!

  • These servers have no mods and just some added cleanup scripts to help keep the server running nicely.
    SIPTAH ONLY!! The cost to summon surges has been reduced by 50 percent of official values.
  • Servers Features:
  • They have their own dedicated bare metal server on an unlimited gigabit connection host with DDOS protection.
  • Server Hardware: Ryzen7 3800X, 64GB RAM, 2 980GB SSD HD in RAID0

+Custom Coded Scripts that include:

  • Automated daily restarts (3:00AM EST and 3:00PM EST).
  • Automated mod and game updates.
  • Automatic foundation spam deletion on server restarts
  • Higher Server FPS than official or default servers to keep the game running smooth.
  • Many other scripts that clean up inactive players without the use of decay and other things to help keep the server running smoothly.
  • Purges are enabled on the server.
  • Gods are disabled on the server

Pull up a chair and come run around with us!!! <---- Exiled Lands <---- Isle of Siptah

Chit Chat and Stuff! —> discord.gg/dMEAq9R