#1326 Suffering from lag for a month

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One month ago, there was some lag around 22:00 Japan time.
However, recently there has been a long lag, and today it is impossible to play all day.
There are many Japanese and Chinese people on this server, and they are blaming each other for using “cheats”.
I have been playing with this server for over a year and have a good connection.
If possible, I don’t want to move to another server.
With just one server, we take it seriously.
I want you to tell me the cause and measures without keeping it secret.
Please give me a quick answer.
Thank you.

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1.Starts at around 22:00 JST every day
2.When I move, I return to my original location.
3.I can’t open the platform when I try to produce something
4.i die because i cannot drink water
5.Usually it took about an hour to fix it, but lately this lag may appear all day.

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