1516 horrendous ping and lag

Official public multi-player
Eastern Server

The server ping is a lot higher than the norm and has been this way for a week. Takes 30 seconds or more for chests to show contents and that is if we are lucky. Sometimes it takes up to 5 tries to even walk through a door. Game is almost at the point of being unplayable again. Server is losing a lot of new players yet ONCE AGAIN due to poor performance. Is this being looked into and is there a rough estimated time for a corrective patch?

1 - Go to log in but sometimes can’t due to high ping. My ping on server use to be around 50. Now from 100 and up.
2-can’t do much in the game due to horrendous lag. Walking even something simple like opening a chest or vault is taking forever to show contents.
3. Fighting has become extremely difficult if not even impossible at times.
4. Server and Game is losing many players due to this issue going on for almost a week now without a solution or feedback.

Please any feedback would be greatly appreciated to take back to the players on the server. Thanks

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Do the Dev’s Even check these forums anymore

Not on the weekends usually.

Hey @DrakonTrelos

Please be aware that we usually do not work during weekends.
We’ve sent note to Gportal about this server so they can look into it.
Apologies for the frustration.

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Thanks my apologies I didn’t realize it was the weekend. Lost track of dates during this quarantine. Thanks for the reply. I will pass it along to the other players.

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My apologies I lost track of the days.

We have a 1020 ping on official pvp 1094 when everybody respawn. When someone standing on bed , he have lags for a 1 min and high ping.

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