18+ Light Roleplay PvE-Looking for some late nightplayers

*Roleplay is a random story built around the characters own written bio’s and interactions.
*Admin events are late night so Night Owls+
*PVP on the weekend. Starting at 12am Friday and Ending 12pm Sunday.
*There is no offline raiding.
*PVE during the week there is a central open community crafting area and a marketplace.
*There is an invite only playstation community board for news and information.
*Discord for character interactions, bartering and trading, feedback and ideas and more.
*We are Very attentive admins and require the ability to communicate with Exiles.
*Short interview to be considered for entry.
*Toxicity not Tolerated!

This is a place for friendly competitive rivalry, with a chance of chaos.

Slightly boosted settings.
Items inventory are kept on death
Character does not stay in game when logged out
No global chat

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Were you on Asgardian exiles?


I was on that server sad to see it go, I had a base I was really starting to like.

Well then join here good sir!

To double check, that is going to be west coast times? So 3AM to 3PM Eastern?

Are we still doing the purple flag option? If so, are they at the welcome center?

Is there still the pack reaching 60, or was that done away with?

Do we still have the second 12X12 base option, or perhaps a small outpost for harvesting purposes? Maybe a 3X3 temp build that has to be taken down when done?

For anyone looking for a great server, I think this is it, assuming you aren’t a toxic player and follow the simple rule guidelines.

For people that were in Asgardian, I think this server is set up better as far as settings. It provides more of a challenge on PVC-E play, but still adjusted to not be a timely grind. The extra hours in PVP are nice as well, but you can still opt out bases.

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Eastern time for PVP. There are flag options to identifie your base. There is a welcome center with start gear, and more. Still have 60 packs for leveling up. Extra base locations is an available discussion. We don’t want to limit your creativity.

You are to sweet. Good to have you with us.

I can help you rebuild.

whats the name of the server, or how do I contact you

I sent you a personal message on psn

awesome cant wait for work to end. lol

See you soon dear. Have a good rest of your day at work.

To sweet…and that’s why you and Jazz did me and Bo dirty tonight, ha!

Jk, lots of fun on the server. Looking forward to the population growth on it.

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We where just helping and welcoming you.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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A lot of good future plans seem to be in place for this server. Glad that we joined it!

If anybody is searching for a nice server for PS4, this is it. A nice blend of PVE, but still allows some room for PVP as well. Helpful and attentive admins, in a growing and non-toxic environment.

Hi!! i like to know more about you guys! i have played RP on Conan before and one time was relaxing and other more hardcore! Due my work and life doings i can’t do hardcore anymore but i love to play rp with others! can i have more info about you guys??

Any way here is my psn id if you want to pass more info!! tks Ednardy_NA

Are you guys still accepting applicants for the server? I’m more into the rp pve side of things the the pvp stuff, but o don’t mind pvp as long as it’s story based, and not mindless.
If you’re still allowing people into the server, I’m interested in joining.
My psn is Draugadrottinn9

i like to join us
what i need to do?