Ps4 NA PVP/PVE casual roleplay server looking for more players, very noob friendly!

Hey guys,

Looking for A roleplay server for all levels of roleplay, from casual to full on?.. look no further!
Just started a roleplay server 3 nights ago, casual roleplay with proxim mic chat.
Super helpful players, very noob friendly!
With plans for a Regularly updated storyline, with progressional quest line and player driven narrative and events planned and arena planned.
Dedicated discord server.
Loadsa space on the map and no dregs of old settlements etc

Server settings
Pvp 24/7
Structure damage 24/7
No avatars
No purge
2x xp
2x gathering
0.8 thirst
0.8 hunger
0 hunger when logged out
0 thirst when logged out
Player stays ingame while logged out
Anyone can loot player corpses
All inventory dropped on death
Everything else is vanilla

A few minor roleplaying rules but nothing too strict that it would ruin anyone’s experience.

Chat to me here, send a dm or contact me on psn if interested! My psn ID is ZeroNode


Really great community and active discord. More people should give this server a try!