Seeking PS4 PvE RP server

I’m a bit overwhelmed trying to find a role play server for PS4 that is also PvE. I suppose a casual non-RP server would be good, too… I’m just looking to cooperate with live players more than compete at the moment. PSN ID is Avanthalas if anyone has any server suggestions. I did try the official PvE servers a few times… full of unconscious people and could never get back into the same server more than once.

Heavy RP PVE server :grin: Hope to see you there!

If you are still looking Zulbashir is accepting new players. PvE RP server. Still small so if youd like to bring friends be our guest. Plenty of room to build and grow

I know it’s been a while but If you’re still looking, “Irkalla” is a casual rp PS4 server that is fairly new. It’s pvp but with indestructible buildings so you don’t need to worry about losing your base and the focus is on comperative play not raiding. Quests, fast travel, market, server events, check us out at