PS4, RP Server, DM store, PVP Zones, Starting Gear and more!

Hello everyone! Some friends and I recently started a new server and we’re looking for people to come help make the world an amazing place! We have a rule set and various systems focused on fun and simplicity, and we’re always tweaking rates and game content based directly on user feedback! If you’d like to come see what we’re all about, message me and I’ll send you the link to our website! Thanks!

Mid tempo leveling, increased gathering and a focus on building communities, trade, and with specific PVP zones! Dungeon Masters work to bring you interesting stories, and rewards for accomplishing quests and building up your civilization! Come give us a shot!


Roleplay incentives!
Building incentives!
PVP Kill On Sight Zones!
Starting Gear!
Optional Discord Skill & Ability Checks!
Investment Leveling!
Personalized Quests!
Come hang out!

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Best RP server on ps4 by far! Simple to join, fun community, and character driven DM interactions? What’s not to love! Come join us!

It’s a new server I just joined and love it so far. I like pvp but hate the politics. I’m new to the rp aspect but building without the fear of being wiped off the map is great. It still has the pvp feel to it though with kill on site zones. The treasure hunt and quests make it feel like a new game. Very friendly and helpful community too.

Love to give it a try, can you send me a link

Send me a private message and I’ll send you the link!

Player appreciation weekend started today! Players voted on 4X gathering which is effect until Sunday! This happens the first weekend of every month! Come get in!

Would love to try out this server, after coming over from Ark I’ve been looking for a server that is similar to the way this one sounds! Is this server password locked or open for all? I would love to join.

Hey bud, sounds cool I was interested in ur server if u could send me the web link, thanks

Hey, both me and my wife would love to give this server a try.

Looks like this server has gone under. Most of their players have migrated here, check them out.

Iv never played DnD before but always wanted to. So I am open to try it out, I have a few questions though if your willing to take the time to answer them. Firstly, when being introduced into this world will our characters come acrossed factions and or cities we can side with? Secondly, do you have a discord for the server? Lastly, I am curious if this server is open only at select times for rp?