1star crocs not counting

One skull crocs are not counting as ‘Defeat Giant Creatures’ challenge.

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Neither are 1 skull boars or elk.

None of those are ‘giant creatures’. They should however count for ‘Demonic creatures’ (or at least that’s what others are reporting).
Your best bet for ‘giant creatures’ is probably the Frost Giants (at least that’s what I usually go for). World Boss crocs or Spiders should also count, I think - but Frost Giants are easier to kill several of without having to run all over the place.

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I can confirm they are Demonic Creatures. I can also confirm the large snakes, or the middle size, count as Giant Creatures.

Also, the 3 star crocs do not count as giant creatures for some reason.


For me they did count as giant creatures, but i am playing mostly single player. Believe it or not, there are differences between online and single player in many cases.

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