Demonic feline challenge - lion and white tiger not counting anymore?

Anyone else having issues completing the feline challenge the past week or so?

Lion and white tiger are not working anymore.
I know the lion definitely did even though it’s no longer 1 skull. And I thought the white tiger did.

But neither are now for myself and friend of mine.

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What I plan to do, is go stomp around the area south of Frost Temple, and look for Monster Sabretooths.

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Good idea

One skill panthers too if they exist.

Tigers and Jaguars are more common, so finding one skulls of them might be easier.

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just to the small dragons in unnamed

Umm. The baby dragons count toward demonic creatures, but not toward demonic felines, as far as I know. It’s a different challenge.

Annoyingly, last time I tested, killing a demonic feline while you had both “kill demonic creatures” and “kill democnic felines” challenges active counted only toward the felines, but not toward creatures. but I completed the Pass a few weeks ago so haven’t paid attention to the challenges anymore.

sorry, my bad, didn’t read felines :slight_smile:

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