20 minutes of MYZ: Road to Eden with developer commentary

Hey everyone!

We’re very happy to reveal another gameplay video from Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden with developer commentary from The Bearded Ladies.

Bormin, Dux and Selma have just exited the Cave of Fear and are heading north towards a place called the House of Bones. But first they need to cross the river and to do so they must defeat a large group of zone ghouls who are controlling a massive metal boat.

The key to pushing on is picking off smaller groups of ghouls silently, so sneaking around and finding the right moment to strike is crucial. Even if their numbers are reduced the ghouls have a strong leader with powerful and mysterious abilities, so the fight will be hard.

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And all the chars have capital letters in their name! YAY!

Looks really awesome!

The devs have said in videos that you have created quite a world with a story to explore and you do not want to talk that much about it to not spoil anything. I LOVE that!

Great video but it only shows the battle part.

How much of the game is Battle? And how much is the explore/story?
You have explained that you can upgrade weapons and buy/sell in the town, which is one part of the game (awesome).

Is there any game-play part that you have not shown, or revealed?
I am not looking for an answer what it is, just IF there is parts of the game, which we will found out in our travels in old scandinavia!

Hard to say in pure numbers. You’ll meet enemies in every area you go to, but you only have to fight each group of enemy once. Sneaking around so you get the best angle of attack is a huge part of preparing of exploring the area, but it smoothly transitions into fighting.

It’s those three elements: exploration and stealth, turn-based combat, and upgrading your characters and weapons at the Ark :slight_smile: