Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Q&A Recap

We did a Q&A session over on the MYZ: Road to Eden Facebook page last week where the developers from The Bearded Ladies answered a whole heap of questions from the community.

In case you missed the Q&A we now bring you a recap of the questions that were asked and the answers that were given:

Q: Are there going to be Text size and difficulty options on consoles(PS4)? (Some games have really small size for ingame texts and hurts the experience on consoles. Developers release patches later but it would be nice to have them on release. Also wondering if there will be easy mode for gamers who are not great at RTS games)

A: We support three different difficulty modes with easy being one of them, this is tuned for people who are not very experienced with tactical games. We don’t have support for text size just yet but it is something we will investigate.

Q: When can we pre-order for the PS4?

A: Funcom will announce when it’s ready for pre-order. The dev team is bug fixing right now and it’s looking good. It’s bloody fun too!

Q: How many playable characters are there total?

A: I dont think we can reveal that just yet, but you will be meeting some interesting characters who become playable out in the Zone.

Q: When is beta opening up for deluxe preorders? :pray:t2:

A: Minimum 1 month before launch :slight_smile:

Q: How much room is there for creating different classed characters? Could I make the duck play differently to my friends?

A: Each Mutant has different mutations that can be combined in different ways, this along with the different weapons, outfits and attachments allow characters to be set up and re-set up to many different play styles.

Q: Will there be a possibility to create and/or design (the looks of) your playable characters in the future?

A: This was discussed early on in the game’s development, but we wanted to have ‘real’ characters that we could build the story around, its tricky to pull that off convincingly with more custom characters.

Q: Will you keep working on the game after launch? adding new content etc…

A: We can’t go into future plans at this stage, but lets just say its quite possible. :slight_smile:

Q: Bormin has six, Dux has three and Selma has 7 skulls. What do the skulls under the portraits mean?

A: This is how we handle Mutation cool downs. We dont use turns to control cool downs but enemy kills. So for example if you use a mutation and it goes to 3 cooldown, you need 3 kills to unlock the Mutation again. After play testing we found it more fun to encourage the player to keep hunting for stealth kills / been aggressive rather that sit back and waste turns.

Q: In XCOM 2, everyone is concealed until the first shots are fired or an enemy is alerted. After that all teammates except for rangers remain unconcealed the rest of a mission. Even after killing all enemies in a pod and moving forward, when finding a new pod of enemies they are still seen right away despite being behind cover/hidden. From my understanding, but I just want to confirm it, in this game they are all hidden even if one starts shooting at enemies so long as they are not in direct view of any enemies and is hiding in cover? Is that correct? And killing enemies will only alert other enemies nearby if they have been called in or using loud weapons, even if you can see the enemies not far away like done when getting introduced to Brother Bodin it seems. Correct? I love xcom 2, but hate being seen right away for the rest of the mission. I like playing stealthy in games.

A: We have a lot more of a stealth focus in the game, so only if a enemy has line of sight to a Mutant are they visible. Also we have some Mutations that allow you to sneak around (with a % chance of success)

Q: What game engine did you use? What kind of limitations did you find with using it? How did you overcome those limitations?

A: We are using Unreal 4 and have found it very good, especially on the Art / Level design side as the tools are some of the best available. Our only real issue has been load times but good use of texture sizes and careful optimization got our time really good (pretty much the same as all engines really)

Q: Can you give some examples on some of the different types of enemies is in the game? So far we’ve seen almost solely different kinds of humanoids with different weapons. Will there be more feral mutants/monsters/animals too, or will it “only” be weapon-wielding humanoids that we’ll fight?

A: We wouldn’t want to spoil the game too much, but there are some non-humanoids in the game, yes. :slight_smile:

Q: How much customization is there for the characters? Apart from items with benefits can I give Dux a pink jacket?

A:You can modify the weapons, weapon modifications and headgear/armor. You can also unlock mutations through the Mutation tree, these can be assigned according to how you want to play. There is also a squad skill tree which will give the group boosts and bonuses.

Q: Will ‘Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden’ have a Level Editor or another way to MOD the game?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Are there any shooter and scavenger aspects to the game? That’s kinda what i took away from the original teaser but this looks like just a top down strategy game

A: No shooter aspects, we are very focused on been a turn based strategy game.

Q: How deep is the loot system? What kind of modifiers can we expect to see on weapons and other gear? Will it be simple stuff like a “+1 damage” shotgun, or will there be some more funky stuff too like life-steal, X% chance to do AoE damage on hit, +A LOT of bonus damage but only under very limited conditions? You know, stuff like that :slight_smile:

A: We have some stuff that gives +1 damage, some stuff that gives say a % chance of setting a target on fire, and some conditional bonus like +50 crit damage if your character is hidden. Most of the conditional bonus are designed to reward people engaging in more detailed tactics.

Q: As a die-hard Mutant-fan (still playing lila lådan, MUA, M:0) I would love the game in Swedish. Will that happen??

A: I’m afraid not, at this time. However there’s quite a bit of Swedish ‘themed’ Easter-eggs and other little details we hope you will appreciate! :smiley:

Q: Will you need a high end computer to play this game?

A: We checked the average configuration of PCs used on Steam and we are certainly playable on most mid to lower end specs. Actual minimum and recommended specs will be coming soon!

Q: Where do we stand on vehicles? Bormin on a quad sounds like a great idea to me!

A: We like that Idea! I’m afraid to say that we do not have vehicles in the game. Also most machinery in the Zone has been broken down for a very long time…

Q: Two questions for me one or Boarman dux and the one in the middle gonna be the only playable characters in this? And two when are you coming out?

A: We have more playable characters than the three you have seen in the trailers and videos. We are releasing on the 4th December!

Q: For engineering, would you say you relied heavily on Unreal’s blueprint system, or was there a significant amount of C++?

A: We use a lot of C++ mainly for speed and ease of debugging, blueprints we tend to use for mainly configuring things such as weapons.

Q: Will there be a collectors edition?

A: We have a Deluxe Edition that contains among other things the games sound track and a cope of the Mutant Year Zero RPG Book. Its a digital copy, as for statues nothing is announced yet

Q: Who are the voice actors for the main three?

A: Enzo Squillino Jr (Bormin), Elizabeth Croft (Selma) and Jared Zeus (Dux)

Q: Is silencer a weapon mod you can equip on a variation of weapons at the ARK or are silenced weapons premade that way? Are there at least three silenced weapons in this game if I wanted one on each of my three guys for very stealthy kills?

A: We used to have silencers as a modification that could be applied to weapons, however this massively unbalanced the game so instead there are pre-made silenced weapons and there are at least three. For stealthy players. :smiley:

Q: Will there be physical copies of this game being sold or will it be strictly digital downloads?

A: Digital only right now.

Q: Paradox published Battletech earlier this year with success, what is your edge or selling point compared to similiar titles? Beside a duck with a hat of course!

A: Apart from our characters, we have a beautiful and interesting world also. We use dynamic real-time gameplay that allows players to explore and decide how and when to go into combat. This is something we would say is one of our major strengths.

Q: Will the game have New Game Plus?

A: We don’t have New Game Plus, but we have a punishing hard difficulty (that literally made our speed-runner break down into tears) :smiley: and the ‘Iron Mutant’ mode (permadeath) which can be used with all three difficulties.

Q: Release for PS4?

A: Yep! We’re launching on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 4, 2018.

Q: Hi guys, what about localization? I mean: will there be italian?

A: We plan to have UI and subtitles localized to 11 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Simplified English.

and the ‘Iron Mutant’ mode (permadeath) which can be used with all three difficulties

Answered my question. Any dev that fails to put in an IM mode in their tbt game should be arrested. :slight_smile:

My question: are chest loots randomized or are the same on every play through?

After watching a lot of Demo videos I looks the me they are set.
Any answer on rather or not this is the case?

Chest loot is set, not randomized.