Introduce Yourself!


New to the forums? You a veteran but excited about the game? Are you a fan of the other Mutant Year Zero works? Say hi here! You can use this to test out text, how the forum works, or just say hey. :slight_smile:

My name is Nicole. I’m a Community Manager here at Funcom. I’m extremely excited about MYZ: Road to Eden and it will be my first experience into this fantastic world.


I am Natascha, or Tascha for short and the Community Director here at Funcom. I have to admit that I’ve never heard of the Franchise before MYZ: Road to Eden, even though I’ve played Mutant Chronicles (go figure). I am very much looking forward to the game, even though I don’t generally play games in this genre. Absolutely in love with the characters!


Hello World!

I am Melcom a Volunteer Moderator from Germany :wink:


Hi hi hi hi hi!



Hello! Moderator and cat enthusiast here! I haven’t played anything in this series yet but I’m looking forward to it all the same!


I am best known as “Kurnn”, but me and Funcom goes way back…to Anarchy Online in 2001!
And even longer back, I played Mutant as a kid in the 80ies so I am very much looking forward to this game!


Sup’ everyone, “premature” fan of the game here.


I’m Jens Erik, also a community manager at Funcom. I’m very much looking forward to Mutant Year Zero because I love the XCOM style gameplay, the characters, the world, and the promises of the story. Still haven’t played the pen & paper RPG, but I’m looking to do something about that real soon



I am Nord. I like cats and forums :3


My name is Skeksil. That is all.


Hello, I’m Schrodember and I’m really looking forward to playing MYZ :smiley:


Hey, it’s Hikari Kenzaki, streamer, in-game photographer, tweeterer and general fun gal you may know from Secret World or elsewhere.
Looking forward to playing, streaming and taking all the screenshots in the game.
Not a huge follower of the setting, but I’ve dabbled in it.


Hi all, glad to be here in the beginning. :slight_smile:

I’m a streamer aswell as avid Mutant RPG’er since the first boxes, very nice to see a PC game version of Mutant Year Zero!

Jens_Erik & Tascha, be prepared for the usual barrage of questions regarding when we can start streaming & what the NDA’s say. There are a lot of us out there, recommend some FAQ’s on it. :wink:


Has anyone seen any release date yet?
Since pre-order has been out for a while, I hope the game isnt far from launch =).


Fan of the Mutant Year Zero RPG here. Happy to see a computer game being developed based on it.


JOrifice here!
Been a FunCom Fan since the launch of The Secret World (or was it the first Conan game. I forget witch was first.). I’ll be here playing the game and posting strange things to the forum. Sometimes involving Deeply Disturbing Beer.


Age of Conan was first must be in 2008


Greetings. I’m a turn-based tactical junkiie, so MYZ is an auto-buy for me. Shut up and take my money!


More news on that very soon! :tm:


Oh love that poster!