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“Soon” [TradeMark]? :wink:


Hey Jens!

Um, where are all the people? This community seams a TAD empty for being Funcom?

I mean that in a good way. Must be thousands of players out there who would want a community for this game?


Just join I call myself Unknown cos I’m mostly invisible (not lurker thou). Want to ask a question on steam but saw that “Steam forums will remain open, but developer/publisher presence will be less frequent.” So I join to get update and probably guide for the game in the future.

So Big Hi to all :blush:


I am here … waves at everyone


Hi, i am new her, you know, this game comes out on my birthday, i cant wait for my birthday this year


im so kool


Hello, I am Joris Oosterveen, a new member who recently bought the deluxe edition. As I am typing the Beta is downloading on my Steam account and I am very excited to play through the first stages of the game. I have played a descent amount on the Total War: warhammer series, XCOM 1 and 2. Recently I spended some time on Into the breach and Divinity 2.

I don’t expect Mutant Year Zero, to be as good as the titles I just named, but I think the game looks compelling, with a good story and has hopefully a lot of potential for future development. (hopefully with some extra DLC’s and characters to the game). For me Xcom is the flagship for tactical turn-based shooter games and I am happy there are other publishers who want to take it to the next level. Keep up the good work and I will help the community of mutant year zero and stay active!


Have fun with duxcom! :slight_smile:


Stewpidbear here from deepest, darkest Wales. Been a tabletop rpg player for nearly 4 decades, and a computer rpg for about 20 years. Would love to see a bear at some point in the game😉


Greetings from France :slight_smile:
So please excuse me for my bad English.
I’m 52-years old, due to a severe hearth disease, I cannot work anymore, but I can still play games (curently on 2DS/PS3/PS4) !
I’m an old-timer player of Funcom games since Anarchy Online, also played Age of Conan MMO, enjoyed The Secret World, currently enjoying Conan Exiles on my PS4.
Nice to see Conan Exiles saved Funcom day.

Former Paper-and-pen RPG gamemaster and player (began playing with Tunnels & Trolls-1977), I’m also a fan of paper wargames (remember Advanced Squad Leader ?) and tactical boardgames, so I really like games like XCOM and UFO Defense series, Deadline, Jagged Alliance series, Battle for Kronos, (Haegemonia, Wizardry, Ultima, Bard’s Tale, Fire Emblem, Mugen Souls, Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics, Agarest series too, but those are not modern-like warfare).

I will test your new toy, err game with pleasure for three reasons :

  • As I said previously, I like turn-based tactical games, I was upset by the timer 2K put on XCOM 2 maps, I don’t see the need to rush into ennemy lines in turn-based games.
  • I enjoyed Conan Exiles, looking for a solo game to replace Minecraft. 7DTD with zombies disabled fills the job for me, but not as much as Conan Exiles, except in Conan Exiles you cannot dig underground as in Voxel games. (My favorites are crafting games).
  • I also really liked to see a naked playable character on Conan Exiles, I’m tired of Sony and US censorship of (mainly asian) games.
    So I have pre-ordered it on FR PSN Store, hoping this money will help Funcom.

I am not a Player, not a Gamer, just a disabled person with a lot of time to spend on games.
I hope this game will meet my expectations, as I’m really a fan of turn-based combat games like XCOM.


Hi:) Im a Norwegian guy 43 years old. Played all of the funcom games. So cant miss this game, this game looks realy nice.


hi i am brad i like gaming


Aloha! I’m new to the franchise, but i’m a huge fan of the X-Com series and have been looking forward to this game for a long time now. Pre-ordered today and have already gone through the Beta twice! Going to try it hardcore next. Can’t wait till December.


Hi everyone! I’m Nik, an X-Com enthusiast who runs a YouTube channel together with my girlfriend. Ever since this game popped up on our radar we’ve been extremely hyped about it (seeing as how I’m Swedish as well), and we genuinely cannot wait for the release of the game. Already played through the preview demo in Iron Mutant mode! Now we’re just waiting and hunting for any new kind of information we can get our hands on, our fingers are itching to start digging deep into this game.


Hi there, they call me Makoki ( real name is Jan :wink: ), i´m an nearly 60 years old gamer born in Denmark but living for the last 40 years in spain.
Playing games since they exist.
Like most Funcom games and be allready in love with MYZ: Road te Eden.
Further i love bikes, tattos and freedom in my mind.
Keep on gaming for fun!


Hello and happy mutations to all !

As a tactics fan for years (Disgaea, Fire Emblem, X-Com, Valkyria Chronicles, FF Tactics, Agarest and more), it was obvious to buy MYZ : Road to Eden !
And that beta just reinforced the feeling !

Can’t wait for the complete version and start, once more, exterminating the ghouls… well I mean enjoying the view !


Name is Rikard, been a rpg lover since early nineties but am abit young so just missed the early Äventyrspel wave. (oh, yeah from sweden btw)

Played Mutant:UA when it came out and later came in contact with earlier Mutant.
Nowadays i’m abit of an PnP RPG collector, and player still :slight_smile:
Saw the first trailer and my jaw dropped and I thought, COOL i have to test it!
Then I saw deluxe came with PnP pdf, so why not :slight_smile:
Also longtime TSW/SWL player.


Hi, I’m Sab. Usually my user name on any forum/site I prefer to use my fav pup name “Sparky” (Don’t remember I couldn’t here was cos it was taken or something? ) Or as Unknown (cos I can’t think of one, lol)
I started off playing Fallout classic 1 all the way up till fallout brotherhood of steel ( when they change the style I don’t like it at all. So BoS was the last of Fallout I’ve played.) I like Turn-based_tactics games, but lately more into survival/Action-adventure, pixelated games (?) So this will be a break for me for a while.

Btw, I posted a question in Aug. And totally forgotten about this forum :sweat: So sorry to Jens_Erik for not saying thanks… So thanks for your reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway… I am so so looking forward to this game! And I’ve decided to go with PC over Console.

Big Edit: Just look through my Profile (Setting?) And notice I’ve already introduce myself back when I first joined! :flushed: (well, maybe this is my update introduction :no_mouth:) So Sorry


I never pre-order games (buying into the Escape From Tarkov Beta, being the only exception), but as a CG artist I fell in love with Adam Saccos, ( high res sculpts for the advert. This exposed me to the plethora of talent involved in the production of MYZ-R2E.

With 2 of my all time favorite games being Jagged Alliance 2, and Stalker Call of Pripyat, it wasn’t long before I became equally enamored with the premise of this game.

I never played the original board game, but was an avid Games Workshop consumer as a child, wracking up hours in 40k, Mordheim and Necromunda.

All this to say, I pre ordered the deluxe edition, as I am taken away with the game world you are creating, and will definitely be working on fan art inspired by.

Here’s to a successful launch and the hope of long term support (additional content) for MYZ-R2E.

…Looking forward to the art book :slight_smile:



I am SchizoSchaf from Germany. I am a huge fan of X-Com style game since the first UFO /X-COM game. I also play other turn based titles like Panzer General. Currently waiting for something new. I have also started a subreddit for the game just some days ago.

You can find us on reddit