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Update (December 24)

  • The subreddit discord has moved in with us.
  • The old owner of the MYZ discord has resigned.

For anyone who would like to join, we’ve made a discord for r/Mutant Year Zero RTE (3tM7VbF)

This discord will be focused on the Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden video game by the Bearded Ladies.

For anyone playing the tabletop rpg (ttrpg), you should (also) join the discord for Year Zero Worlds (HABaBGU).

Poll below

I would like to know if any of you are interested in a fan-made Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden discord. I’m not suggesting a new one - it already exists, but there’s little there right now, as it’s lacking people.

Feel free to leave a comment on this thread, telling me and the actual owner of the discord whether you’d be interested in joining and/or would like to see the discord expand.

One possible expansion is the addition of a wiki channel, for people who want to help improve the Official Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Wiki, which is currently a little devoid of contributors and is thus lacking information. Any channels may be discussed if the discord grows, of course.

Now, I’ve set up a poll for, everyone, including those who want to comment on this post - are you

  • interested in joining the discord?
  • not interested in joining the discord for the time being?
  • not interested in joining the discord, but would like to see it expand?
  • not interested in joining the discord?

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If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, let us know!

~ Exile Enforcer, Head Moderator of the fan-made Conan Exiles discord.

PS: Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

I’m part of the discord already and would love to see it grow, the wiki channel sounds like a great addition.

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