Introduce Yourself!

Hi everybody!

I’m a MYZ enthusiast since I saw it in the E3 Microsoft conference this year.
Yesterday I got a demo key for Steam and I now see that the game is as good as I expected.

Check out the gameplay video in my YouTube channel (spanish):



Hello everyone. Very new to the party. What I have played of the demo I have absolutely loved. I am a huge fan of the post apocalypse genre since seeing the original Planet of the Apes movies some 35 years ago. Books, movies, table-top RPGs, computer games; whatever the medium I can’t get enough. So looking forward to dive right in to MYZ. Less than a week to go!!!


Howdy! Fellow apocalypse-enthusiast here!
Pretty new to the world, but I’m beyond excited to be apart of this community. Fell in love with MYZ at first sight of Duz. It’s got all my favorite attributes ranging from it’s AKIRA-like sci-fi robots and Fallout-esque environments. Can’t wait to see what this will become. :slight_smile:


oh no why would you be that character from the dark crystal:joy:


I am Wikitiki. This is my first funcom game, and also the first game that I am playing without any clue about what is going to happen while I play. I loved xcom2 and I am already loving this game and Dux since I preordered! Can’t wait to talk shop with you guys about it!

I am Protonotaro. Very good game, Good tactical play, great setting and characters.

I’m Batabusa, male, 29 from Norway.

Have finished the game with my lady, as Scandinavians, we really enjoyed the real world references, from the Saabs to Postmord. (as a hardcore Saab owner, I’m biased towards the Trollhättan location)


UK based. Fan of the game since the trailer. Got the pen & paper off the back of it. Enjoyed the game. Completed on Very Hard Iron Mutant.

Yo my fellow playas

I am Xavier - 29 year old guy from Poland.

I found out about the game the same way I discovere other games, like for example Hollow Knight. Was sitting on my bum, looking through Steam Store and other websites bored as hell. Then some random dude on site, which used Dux’es face as avatar (hmmm ]:3) said:
“Oi, ya pierogi lovin’ gitz” - that pierogi stuff and all of it in general is for dramatisation purposes only “Are you exicted for that Mutant Year Zero game that is coming like on December and stuff?”
Then I watched the trailer and my oh my oh my - was it GREAT! Like it is Stalker and XCOM with weird interesting characters and robots and stuff!

Now I am after clearing the game second time, now on Very Hard Iron Mutant - I must say I could not sleep nights lately thinking about strategy for the last fight: clear that group, mind controll that Tank to stun the Plutonia etc. A very detailed strategy that went south mid way, becouse a git in other country heard the fire fight, called for his pals and everything went down to a heckig cluster duck (ha HA - got it? becouse of duck and stuff?.. I am funny). Fortunally I was well prepared for everything, so after a long skirmish of running and hiding I managed to get to Eden on Iron Mutant, on Very Hard with all my guys alive. Yay.

And the only complaine for this game, well except the fact that the game sometimes do some random, game breaking stuff, like a ressurected offsceen ghoul that died from fire was not targetable (a save reload fixed that), is the game is to short - make more content and stuff! plox

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hello. love the game and stuff.

how do I change my avatar though, please? (also it’s umbra, just typed funny)

Hey, I’m Pilchenstein, beloved member of the Secret World forums. I just started playing this and I’m having fun so far. :v: