2019 Big Announcement?


So @AndyB any news on the big content announcement of 2019? New fresh tier of raids/dungeons would be great…

Make us proud Funcom!


Raid finder cloak with 3 gem slot.


A new pay-to-win Saga server with lottery boxes every three months :frowning:


Age of Conan 2.0 with action based combat and Unreal Engine 4


With NO AAs and the xp boost from Saga of blood server , damn i would pay alot for that game. But keep combo system, imo what pulls me back to the game every time


Oh F**k I hope not … the Unreal Engine 4 for Conan Exiles has made it a disaster that gets worse with every patch


They should use same graphics style as AoC at least, with fixed faces. And perhaps a true SP with DAO style of customization, open world and sandbox like Mount and Blade. Would be super fun game to play


I am very curious what they have planned, but worry it will be something like another saga server or adding new items to RF vendors, basically stuff that isn’t actually new content as opposed to new raid/instance/mini, etc.


Agreed, the current graphics and engine are just fine, a little dated but that’s good for those without monster rigs.


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Big announcent: The official return of Stygian-Rogue, Assassin Areelav and his Stygian-Priest, Tempest of Set Nirdail… both hopefully making a return to Age of Conan in 2019, by Set!

Weapon and Will of Set is returning to the server Crom!


I miss Age of Conan so much… congrats on the ten years, King Conan, but the Great Serpent One’s Eye of Judgement comes for you!


I want a Fiara pet.


PvP content…


Saga to end and new live to fury…


/bother @AndyB


Will it be fluffy? Will it be pink??? I am SOOOOOOOO exited!!!


People should have learned by now not to get any hopes up :sweat_smile:
Unless I missed the sarcasm


Us as a community is just as capable of creating content. Come join us on saga for our new community driven events: