2019 Big Announcement?

PVP provides a unique type of content that is player driven as stories evolve and drama is created. Everyone is welcome to participate as there will be plenty of need for mercenaries to fill the many groups that will be waging war in Khopshef come the 25th. But not everyone likes to pvp. And that is okay. There will be many more of these events in the future and all we ask is for your support (physical or spiritual) as we participate in one of the finest most overlooked parts of this game, the open world pvp.

Personally, It is good to experience both the pve and pvp side of aoc.

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i would play pvp, but the pvp aspect of the game is not only unbalanced, it is full of hackers as well. it kills the fun for me.

I feel like another Saga server with a new balance patch and possibly some new or reworked AAs could be interesting. If Funcom would actually listen and work with the community to sort some of the broken/useless/overpowered skills/feats/Aas it could bring some fresh feeling to the game. No Rf, no power gear gear from the shop, just some convenience things like bags, mounts etc. Use the same quest as the first Saga, a lot of guilds were doing 3+ raids a week to help people complete the quest. So that would be a great way to test class balance, but only if Funcom would listen and work with the community.

No more Sagas. Enough of dividing the population. Merge Crom and Fury with the option to PvP in openworld or not whenever we want, like in GTA Online. The game is dead enough to have another third server, again.


Please don’t do another Saga server ever. Put new content in the existing servers, along with merging all servers into 1 with flaggable pvp option.


In Crom, where I like to play, the issue is more that there are two players who intentionally sabotage their teams by not doing anything, either in hide or running around in a corner of the map, far away, for the entire mini, and these two players are in most minis, so most minis are 5 vs 6. I’ve seen a cheater or two in the past month, but they are not the problem.


The stated hacking issue you have stated is a gross overstatement. They are few and far between in reality. Oftentimes what is the case are players playing at such a higher skill level compared to the one accusing them of cheating that it is perceived that they are hacking, when in fact they are not. I have been accused of hacking as well as multiple friends of mine. It is ignorance is what it is.

No one likes a hacker, it is unhealthy to the game and it scares away new players. When a player is a confirmed hacker it becomes an open secret and everyone knows. Also, I’ve yet to meet a hacker who is actually good at the game. @Patoson will confirm this.


This sounds very much like someones been trolling u garrus😊 that info u claim to have is surely b…s…

Anyways, its like kibbles mention above. 90% of the ppl being accused of cheating is wrongly accused. Its simply a huge skillgap! You can see this very clear on pvp saga. Some r stomping the rest cuz they r pvp veterans with tons of pvp and classes experience.

In this game u can actually solo 2-3 new guys with same gear if u r skilled enough. And in lowlvls like sagacaps it was very often seen cuz of lacking cc breaks etc. Aoe dps, ccs and movement ftw!

But, there are a few cheaters around. I have yet to see a very good player who cheat tho. So i dont see the big problem for minis n stuff. The cheats witch r mostly used is teleport and speedhack. This is very easy to spot.

You guys crying cheats need to tell us how theese ppl cheat. If we r to take it serious.

Im actually being called a cheater nearly every single time im online at saga. I usually tell them to plz report me or provide proof. Even ask them how i cheat. Usually they go with speedhack. Even tho this is very easy to spot or capture on tape. There is even 1 guy who posted a video on youtube of me «cheating»… the video just show me killing a lot in a mini while under heals being attacked by a dt with zero dps. -Aoc natti cheat necro- something on youtube… look it up.

Guys, Stop crying cheats all over the place… l2p all classes. Use all ur class imba abilitys and get the perfect pvp featspec. Atleast keybind ur stuff and learn how to not keyboardturn.

Nice weekend to you all❤️


With the constant high ping, if you are not near the servers, it is easy to see people port, but it’s actually missing animations due to the lag spikes. The faster someone is (barb, sin, demo on speedbuff), the worse this gets, and the harder it is for melees to hit them. You have to predict footwork a whole lot as a melee in this game right now.

Even when you meet a cheater, like Kibbles and Nattinatt said, they are all noobs (that’s why they cheat in the first place) and, although it is unfair to play with or against a cheater, it’s not nearly as bad as constantly having someone deliberately sabotaging their team in every single minigame, which happens during most of the day in Crom, and we can’t do anything about it because petitions are ignored and we can’t mention their names here either because it’ll be censored.

That’s why I, like others, ask for votekick in minis, so the team that gets this griefer can kick them, allowing a proper pvper to take their place and enjoy the mini. If Funcom won’t do anything to keep PvP healthy, let us do it ourselves.





Here’s hoping they merge fury and crom!

I hope they never do Merge them. Merges are bad. Look at the history not just with AoC but with just about any MMO. Right after a merge the active population becomes server A+B. Within a few months (Usually about 3) The active population is down to about that of what the largest server was pre-merge. After 6 months the active population is down to less.

Fix the issues that cause the low population, don’t merge.

Fury has a population of about 6 currently. I see no harm in merging those 6 players into crom.

Games always continuously get smaller. It’s the nature of the industry. The point is that AOC is small enough now, there is no need for more than 1 server.

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Fury is growing by the day, now saga loses its attraction. I know many players who wait for saga to end to return to fury.

Then why not just transfer to Crom? Why do a merge that has potential harm? Funcom could offer free transfers and save a lot of grief.

They really should just roll everyone into 1 server at this point. The population of the server I was on at launch in 2008 had way more people than currently play on all the servers today.

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Because there’s a high probability that players that intend to PvP see fury is dead and immediately quit the game without knowing Crom is where everyone is.

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All this talk of pvp, scares me…how about a chariot mount :joy:

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I’m for it. Let as charge with it as well.