2019 Big Announcement?


i want a bat of negral flying mount,but il settle for that chariot


Since asking for banning cheaters and griefers is a lost cause, the other thing that would please me instead is a EU server again.

Considering most of the population is near EU rather than the US, it makes sense. I miss having less than 100 ping.


This is actually one of the biggest problems with AOC right now period. I don’t know if Europeans see this happen to Americans, but for us NA players, many euros appear to be teleporting around due to high latency and how AOC handles interpolating player location if the client isn’t updating the server fast enough due to ping.

It’s probably the leading cause of false hack-accusations. It’s incredibly hard to land combos on Europeans when they’re sprint jumping around and teleporting, as the player model is not at the location it appears on your screen.

Unfortunately, due to the small pop, your proposed change would effectively kill the game. Please consider what splitting g the servers would actually do- fragment this already small game even further.


That’s funny, because that’s what happens when I fight Americans - hard to hit and they port. In theory, the lower your ping the easier it is for you to hit without having to predict footwork too much. In fact, I’ve seen a friend of mine, American, play, in a video, and his playing DT looked a lot easier for him than it is for me.


Honestly, you should work on your movement. You shouldn’t hinder the game to meet satisfactory game play to fit the needs of one person. Food for thought.


I don’t think it’s wise to go down the road of which region has it easier. I would suggest staying away from trying to swing this discussion into a European vs NA argument. I believe it’s a problem that varies from person to person based on latency. I do know for a fact having high ping in this game allows you to do some pretty serious exploits in regards to movement and the way the game interpolates movement.


Look up what ping difference does in the majority of games, try it for yourself by playing them. Anyway, I’ve played in Aquilonia and in Crom back when they were in the EU and it was a lot easier to hit moving targets than it is now.

I know a few very good American players who are very cocky about it, and all they got going for themselves is they have a good ping; the rest we all learn eventually. In fact, to perform as well as them as a player with 100+ (or even 200+) ping, it takes a lot more skill. Food for thought.


I’m detecting a lot of passive aggression. The post was intended to point out a serious problem in gameplay; not to make yourself feel like you have to prove to everyone that you’re a victim. It affects everyone roughly equally. Please do some research on how THIS game handles high latency; other games are irrelevant.

How do you think certain 3rd party software for this game works? It’s because most the position checking is client side (that means the server has very little interaction validating where you are). It’s why you can abuse latency and jump through any wall or object in this game by using an incredibly precise order of events. And this order of events needs to be more precise for people with low latency than with people with high latency by roughly 100x. In other words, the crappy latency effects low-ping players way worse than the high ping players.

So when someone with latency isn’t sending location updates back to the server, the game interpolates (guesses) their position based on their character’s movements- it’s why you see people who sprint jump around warp everywhere. And because the server doesn’t know where they actually are, their location messages are constantly shifting in strange patterns based on where the game thinks they are when they send back a packet.

When someone with high latency is playing, it’s not just one person they experience doing this. It’s everyone. But the other effect is that they are not getting constant updates from the server, and can land combos on people while they’re lagging out. When they finally do reconnect, they update the server and say “my hail of furious strikes AoE combo totally landed on 3 people that actually weren’t anywhere close to me”, and the AOC server says “yep, I believe you. Here’s the damage you dealt”.

Of course it’s easier to land combos back when the servers were regional. Everyone had good latency.


played with 300 ping for years no problem learn to adapt its got some benefits when I play barb running around combo jumping no one can hardly touch me


You have some details wrong. While it’s true that the combo system and movement system are client side (hence why comber and speedhack are possible), your client never actually tells the server if you hit somebody, it only sends your position/actions.

The server is still the one that decides if a player got hit or not and that’s why it’s still not worse for low ping. So when 2 players have to deal with each other their delay is the other player’s time to send packets + their own round trip, which sucks for both sides if somebody has higher delay, but it’s still worse for the one with higher ping.


You’re correct.

My point is primarily it’s idiotic to argue over whoever has it worse. It’s problematic in its’ current state for all parties.


There is a high latency and then there is unstable latency, totally different things. Seems there is confusion about this.


would be fine to implement something like the foundry in neverwinter where anybody can create a dungeon that can give some useful reward