2504 server offline

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [US]

So, I feel like I caused a server crash, please make me feel better about this.

I was suiting up to go to the Well of Skelos. I climbed up to the top to get the recipes and decided to jump in from there.

What happened next was jarring. I screamed all the way down and flew past the portal only to hit rock bottom, literally. I was at the bottom of a deep pit. Before I attempted to climb up, I was booted and server ping is at 9999.

Yes, it appeared as if I survived the sudden stop at the bottom of the pit. However I fear that I really died and when the server resets I will be in the desert and my body will be lost to the Well of Skelos.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Suit up for volcano dungeon
  2. Go to Well of Skelos
  3. Climb to top to get recipes
  4. Jump in
  5. ??

Report server issues via this wiki page

I have no clue if you can slide down and climb back up in the well or get there otherwise. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get your stuff back - just prepare for the worst.

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I logged on this morning to find a snake chewing on my foot. I was at the top of the well. I am glad I was not dead in the desert.
All of my equipment is safe, besides a few grilled steaks and aloe soup that spoiled over time.
I am now afraid to make the jump in the Well now. Will it kill the server again?

No, judging from your progress being rolled back this way, it should not be correlated. However, though I again don’t know if it’s deadly - if it is:

  • If the server crashes again while it has just backed up your progression after you died down there, you will loose your stuff.
  • If the server does have problems with you jumping in the well you might encounter further server issues and you will loose your stuff.
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