27 thralls were killed by Effect_spawnedCharacter

I have no idea what happened but, 27 thralls and one tribemember were killed by Effect_spawnedCharacter (2), server 1090 eu pve no ping.

Last time i was on the server is (130/240) 110 hours ago. It was not decay, it was intentionaly deleted thralls.

So what happened here? Was it a hacker? Was it funcome Admin? Was it my fault?

before and after


Maybe someone killed your thralls with the zath spiders?

An exploit. Someone was logging out next to your thralls, and logging back in.


Some one reported this last week they were a pc player.

So it was malicious player? I got imformed by other pve tribes on my server that same thing happened to them too. Mostly around nooob river. 3 years of me skilling my thralls and greater pets, gearing them, gone cos of malicious player? For the bug that was reported more than month before? This is unacceptable.


i feel like deleting the game will be the best solution

Some might agree with you… on an unrelated note, your paths and torches in that screen violate the building rules on official. If you don’t wanna lose EVERYTHING after someone reports you for land claim, you may wanna dial back that kinda stuff.

I put that path from one building to the other building and torches along the path cos a player on my server was putting crosses in other players bases on spots that was not claimed, i have no idea how to measure how far the clamed land goes, stuff decaying 3-4 foudnations away from the house. He allready came with sourcery and made a fog on my yard and zombies spawning in that fog attacking my thralls. ON official PVE server! He was banned twice being reported by anogther tribe. So if they dont do anything to protect us from malicioups players we need to find a way to protect ourself. In this case i i put the path so he didnt put the cross on my yard, and now i will have to enclosed all my slaves i had on my yard around my house? building even biger to fit all in, increesing structures number on a server for greater server lag? is this a solution?

You should have him banned again… and have others report him. Also mention he’s been banned twice and continues to come back and cause problems. Sooner or later he‘ll get a permanent ban. The solution shouldn’t be that you have to break the rules and incriminate yourself. If he’s truly malicious, he’d know the rules and just get you suspended for that. You’ll likely quit. He won’t.

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It’s a known bug that has already been reported. Best to keep your thralls indoors.
Closing down official PvP servers would put a stop to all these exploits being discovered.

Fixing exploits in time would too.

Pvp is not the devil here my friend. Don´t put blame on people that discover bugs and exploits. Its Funcoms responsibility.


a known way of killing enemy thralls in pve…

lets say that its one of the things that needs to be fixing…

enjoy ur pve experience

edit: ofc there r a couple more… maybe u should try getting in a co op game with an ally , give him a thrall and start trying things…

there is also a way that kills them, regardless if they r indoors or not…

You think this base is violating rules? There are few torches around, ofc we don’t know how big the whole base is, but from the screenshots it does not seem againts the rules to me.

And if so, I don’t get where the borderline is. :confused:

for me the base is breaking tos as there r stuff on the ground that only serve a spaceholding and nothing more… torches, paths , etc. BUT in the case that was FC interference whole base would have been deleted , thralls would not and any chests that r directly on ground also would remain.

it is just an exploit another player used

nah. many of these bugs r pve explorations also…

as @Winthor said. do not blame playerbase… they only apply what FC allows them to apply…
MAYBE proper testing AND LISTENING to feedback players give would be a better idea


Those paths as well… the paths are often meant to claim land or assist with quickly refreshing a base that’s spread out. It’s not a gray area because it falls under land claim webbing as well as decorative land claim. A base that’s tighter together—rather than several parts spread out over a larger area—won’t need those paths to maintain refresh, nor will it be in danger of someone building inside its borders. Some bases are more obvious with their land claim and webbing, but this one isn’t far off.

Just wanted to let them know that it’s a violation unto itself and if this other player wanted to get them wiped and suspended, it wouldn’t be difficult. A petty move on their part, but if you’re in a literal battle with a jerk and troll on your server, you don’t wanna be caught with your pants down.


u can trigger the game mechanics so a build in the north (lets say cimmeria) can have the same building id with a build in noobriver (lets say) near arcos, without maintaining ANY path (of either foundations or cosmetic stuff ) between them if u know how to do it… and u can renew the whole build (both in north and south) by just approaching ONE of these builds…
the space in between is not a claimed land either , so anyone can build within the two builds with no problem.
the only issue this method has is that if u get banned or decayed u loose all … whereas if the builds r seperate u may loose one but not the other…

Banning will remove ALL builds on the map. I’ve seen it recently on multiple occasions.

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