Thrall Murdered

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1504
Mods: None

So what’s happening? Well, I logged on today to discover that my favourite thrall is dead. Killed yesterday, while in a place she should not be able to die. Killed by Effect_SpawnedCharacter (2).

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Funcom?

Perhaps some other player kited a nearby creature on over that did the killing?
(‘kited’ being got the creature active and chasing and then went to your thrall and got thrall to auto-attack)

I doubt it. This thrall was powerful enough to solo Rotbranch unbuffed, the most powerful enemy near her spawn location. She had +STR damage heavy armour on, all bulk plated, and Momentum with master fitting. The enemy in question would also have to get up two elevators, and then fight its way through an entire base of berserkers to get to her.

I did some reading, and it looks like this particular line in the event log happens when a player uses an exploit involving logging out really close to a thrall, then logging back in again. And it’s an exploit that’s been known about for years.

I want my thrall back. I’m tired of losing buildings/items/thralls/my time to years old bugs.

I’ve never experienced this since I don’t play on pvp or anything, but I believe I read about it on Reddit somewhat recently. As I understand, it’s something to do with logging out near a thrall, then logging back in. Or something to that effect? The result essentially kills the thrall kinda like a displacement of sorts. I heard some people doing this to whole groups of thralls. That’s why it says “spawnedcharacter.” They’re essentially spawning into the world. Anyway, that’s just what I read… I could have it all wrong in how it works, but for sure it has to do with a player loading into the server. Idk if it’s so much a “bug” as it is an exploit. Im sure others who play pvp might be able to elaborate more on this.

Edit: I gave it some thought and this may not be solely a PvP thing.

So lets just tell everyone about this exploit :roll_eyes:

It’s not the only one. I reported one a while back. Still there. I can pretty well drop any guard thrall you got on PVE. And not like the exploit people have been given instructions to here.

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It’s different to mention it here since it’s meant to get the devs to address it rather than on Reddit or YouTube. Regardless, it’s out there and it’s already been mentioned. The sooner Funcom knows, the better. Also, I don’t even know if my response is accurate. If someone knows the exact reproduction of the issue, it’s best to get it out here.

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In a bug report to zendesk. Not a public forum, that really isn’t any different the reddit or youtube.

You’re missing the point. I don’t know the exact reproduction. The OP wanted to know what happened. If someone else knows, they can report it directly. Idk… ask @Xevyr to test it or something. He likes finding these things.

It’s an exploit where other players can use certain tricks to kill thralls outside raid hours / on PVE-C.
I reported it to the devs a few weeks ago.

In the meantime, don’t leave them outside, this exploit requires players to have line of sight to your thralls.

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Every once and a while I check and the exploit I found hasn’t been fixed. Not sure if there is a point to file a third report.

Usually, as we see over the various releases, bug fixes are released in batches and seldom solo so it’s the standard wait and see what;s in store in next update/patch/hotfix… (hopefully) :wink:

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i would imagine a lot more thralls being killed this way since a certain pathetic youtuber just put out a vid showing how to do it.

They say it’s to get the exploits fixed faster. Have to ask, how did that work for knocked out thralls falling through? That got fixed real quick didn’t it?

That throws the whole balance out of whack. That’s more work for Funcom to rebalance. I can imagine something used to pull them. :eyes:

If you disagree with it, feel free to leave them a dislike without watching the video (if you watch, negative attention is still attention, but youtube hates early leavers) :man_shrugging: Some people learn the hard way.

As much as I hate to say, I’d honestly like to try it just to clean out areas for those people that insist on abandoning random thralls in areas and continue to log in week after week on PvE. Since we don’t see ownership on followers, it makes it difficult to know who they belong to. This is why I’m a bit annoyed that palisades can no longer be placed by thralls to kill them. Sure, some abused it, but most people didn’t.

There was a random frost giant by Dagon’s Eye on my server for ages. Might still be there, not sure. I kinda just started to ignore it after a while.

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