3 bugs Please help fix it or do something

3 bugs in PVE Official server 1333

It is happening for 2 days now,

For more information and the bugs video I also make a discussion in steam here… ( I can’t post the link it said " Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts." ) but the discussion name is " 3 bugs Please help fix it or do something. " same name as this one

I play in Official pve server 1333 , so No Mod

these bugs start happening when the last DLC yamatai patched.

They happen randomly ( sometimes all system work fine , but sometimes the bug happen ) and I have to wait untill the bug is over , it’s take more than 30 min sometimes to wait.

And sometimes they happen all 3 bugs in one

Try restart is not working.

  • Bug can’t harvest anything ( wood , stone , fiber , meat , and more…all of them cant be harvested )
    Very bad when I farming boss and cant harvest body for the key

  • Bug can’t do any damage to npc ( attack move is going but not consumed stamina )
    Very bad when I found a named npc and I cant knock them down because this bug happening

  • Bugs Thrall don’t attack and don’t even protect themselves
    Very bad when Boss fight or Purge coming.

these bugs are really disturbed me a lot for playing in Official server , so please , some respond…dev

please please please please please

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The whole of #1042 has this, as well as a couple of other servers. Absolutely abysmal how so many people are affected.

its a set of bad players executing a code to make this but on the server…

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