People Can't farm, kill or do anything

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [UK]

[As the title says we cant do anything on the server totally unresponsive, it needs a restart but we can’t cause the admin with access to gportal terminal is unavailable. I’m an admin too but there is nothing to allow me in commands to restart the server.

So does anybody know of anyway to restart the server as an admin a bug maybe where only admins can visit? Was thinking of something like a room where you can only ghost to as an admin and once the AI detects a person in it will restart the server. ]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:


We are having same issue on pve -c Server 1518 random non harvest attacking doing no damage and npcs doing damage to us

same as official pve server #1930

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All of the people on PvE #1930 are getting the same issue as well. Really hope this thing gets fixed soon. The bug literally makes the game pointless to play whenever it’s in effect. You can’t interact with any resource nodes using tools, nor can you use tools for harvesting animals and such. There doesn’t seem to be any way to go about reproducing the bug. It just seems to happen at random, and it seems to sort itself out with each server restart. However, for PvE #1930, this bug seemed to have happened most recently some time around 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. MST. This essentially means around 11-12 hours of the bug being in effect, given the restart time in the early morning.

Hey there,

We are aware of this issue affecting multiple servers and we are currently gathering as much information as we can about it. It would help us if you could provide the name of the server you\re experiencing these issues at.


Same issue with PVE-C server 1977 South America Official server

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Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]

[No Damage from NPC’s or Animals / cant interact with anything]

Hi everyone, im not the Admin from the Server but i want try to help them out.

So the Problem is:
Animal or Pets dont deal Damage
Players Cant interact with Chest or any Tabels.

Just a server restart fix it… BUT the Bug comes back again.
When its came back its diffrent and i cant see a pattern

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PVE-C server 1516 Eastern America Official server

Whole server was unable to hit NPC’s or be hit by them. Unable to gather as well for over an hour on Dec. 29 th. I found suicide fixed it briefly until I gathered back up my gear from my corpse. Please please please can somebody get this server back under control.

Is there anyone that can give some feedback to this issue please

Hey @DrakonTrelos

We are currently aware of this issue and we are gathering as much feedback on it as we can. Our team is investigating it and trying to find the cause of this problem.


We have the same issue with PVE-C server 1977 South America Official server. We get locked every day around PVP time for about 10 days now.

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I’m merging all recent threads dealing with this issue into this post to help keep track of the problem.

You mention it is happening on a private server, correct? PVP settings or PVE-C?

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Online official
Server is currently unplayable , has been this way for about 8 - 10 Hours , Players cant interact with enemies or the world

You mean server 1312 ? Yeah, thats normal, Raymond is back again ruining server :slight_smile: Thats all

same with PVE-C server 1977 South America Official server. It is happening everyday for 10 days or more now.

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash | Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict 1977
Region: SouthAmerica

Guys, this server is totally broken.
It is not possible to do anything at all.
Players are unable to farm, equip weapons and tools and so on.
Converted thralls and enemies are totally crazy, they are glitched.
Please take some time to take a look at this, this server use to have a good player population, now there is almost anyone playing due to this issue.
Unfortunately, it is the only PVE-C in that region.

PVE a private server notice it happening when its purge time.

I take the above comment back even 3 hours before purge time it happens, 10 people on at the time.

1518 PVE-C official NA server and it hits anyhere from 1 to 2 hrs before PVP time and its been doing it regular for week and last until crash or morning reset I was on checking it 9 hrs after it started and everyone said that no one could harvest or kill anything. The only thing anyone was able to do was workstations those worked fine and picking up things such as stone and branches off ground worked as well as building. Another thing happened last night to one person during a purge they got the poison stamina bug and had to remove bracelet and couldn’t close doors to base.

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Same problem with server 1116 PVP EU. Animals and NPCs not attacking, sometimes you cant damage them, sometimes you cant collet loot from them, same for NPCs. Server lag is teleporting players back, Brimstone is not spawning much from yesterday when server crash (5min and he was back online), after crash lot of staff missing from players (dragon weapons, thralls from Wheel of Pain), iron spawn points in Godsclaw Passage are not spawning iron on some spots. Server crash 2 times for last week, yesterday second time

plase fix this! we have the same problem on server #1518 pve-c oficial