Going on 3 days I can't farm resources with hand tools, nor kill or get attacked by NPC's. PVP Server 2588. Constant crashing, and server going down for hours. FIX PLEASE i really like this game but this is hard

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance |
Region: [USA]

[Hi, I’m running into an issue were I cannot farm resources like stone, metal, etc. I only can pick up hand stuff like bugs. I also noticed Thralls and other NPC’s get slightly interested in me, but end up just staring at me in the eyes. Please fix I need to build my base up before this team wipes me out. Additionally it seems to let you make stuff still but I need to farm to do so. Please fix ASAP the server is a great and active one and I’d hate for this to cause people to leave. This error has been occurring the last three days getting worse each passing day. Day one it happened for like 20 minutes. Next day it was hours, and last night I couldn’t farm at all. I suspect the game doesn’t know where the rocks are really at. I was trying to hit one, logged out, re logged in and all the rocks near me switched location. Like it was purely cosmetic. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Join PVP server 2588
  2. Create Character
  3. Farm enough to make a axe or pike
  4. Try to gather resources by hitting a rock/tree with tool.

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