Game has lost all integrity

2 days server 3601 has been been broken thru raid. no player fight damage…thralls dont attack, no harvesting. only bomb damage. Some clans took advantage-- along with reported exploit attempts. Nothing done. dont want to hear a fix is on the way. too late. may have lost a 8 month player. 2nd time server being broke ruined a good war. maybe shut down server when this happens??? and not doing anything about cheaters when proof is given doesnt help

you mean “server” has lost all integrity?? you should post server name so it doesn’t look like you’re a troll (and you did, but may want to add PVP or PVE and times you are online).

we all have lag and bugs on all servers. i’m on official PVE 3509. we have 1 player that is on most of the time and 4-5 players pop on in the evening. but we have lag all the time (sound does not connect with movement of character and mobs, rubber-banding, controller/menu hiccups…

i noticed the no damage issue more now. it seems if im close to the mob(s) and don’t see a mob health bar i don’t do damage. i have to stop and back up until the health bar appears and then i can damage…

the pet system is a mess for anything but cosmetic (this is common for most games i have found). don’t expect it to ever be fixed or improved to a point where NPCs out perform player characters.

harvesting is also iffy lately for me too, the node blinks in and out of view at times. i have to move around until it is stable and then i get results. but sometimes even moving doesnt help.

PVP servers are a mess, bugs let toxic players rule. this type of game attracts toxic players for some reason. ARK pvp is the worst, but fallout 76 has it’s punks too.

i think some of the issue happen when the server is idle (no players). it maybe suspended but not reset. i think are client memory leaks and so client restart fixes some issue for a little while. my guess is their servers have memory leaks and other issue that could be fixed by a daily restart but people then will be screwed if in a middle of a raid/group and get booted without warning…

take a break. submit detailed bug reports. don’t buy their DLCs until the product is working (best way to send a company a message they understand). good luck.


pvp us.
sorry…forgot there is no master list on here of servers with info of region and types.

yeah, I am the type if I take a break I’ll find something different and not come back. love the mechanics and theme of this game. just wish seigel was more useful of them.

So just bought conan exiles on ps4 and as it is its unplayable. 90% of the time even though I have a bed it spawns me in the desert when I die. It’s annoying but I can live with that I guess. But 60% of the time when I go where it says my body is it’s no where to be found so I lose everything on my body. Which is a lot considering you need a separate tool for each thing you do. Then the icing I the cake is me and my friend play daily for hours putting up with lag death and all the stuff I mentioned and more I have not. We build a base we are there everyday like I said log off for and hour and the base is half gone boxes full of stuff gone thralls on work stations gone. Thrall wheel with named thrawls inside gone. At this point what is the point of playing the game. The server is an official server. This is a progression game the whole point is to build and save stuff but you can’t because you lose your dead body or you loose your half your base and goods after you log off for 3 hours?


Ive been playing since launch game has just gotten better they’ve added a lot for free granted some things have gotten broken in the process but funcom has couninuosly proven that they’re trying to improve the game again game being the key word …game breath a lil brotherman


Want a change try WYRM,S BANE no loss on death boosted just wiped. Running smoothly most of time. Give us try. sestus2009 psn.

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My server has his issue too. No damage from thralls/pets/NPCs/animals/etc… 3801

This likely is the same issue that has been widely reported here. The latest info we have from Funcom is the following:

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Hello, yesterday’s update is a joke? Not much has changed with stopping the game or the visibility of walls or foundations. Next, I have to wait in front of the building for a minute or two before I see everything. What’s more, now the objects a few paces before the figure begin to draw in slow. Textures disappear after leaving the room or even in the same if you turn around. Most of the animals collapsed under the foundations, previously only two disappeared in this way. I’m disappointed.

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Yesterdays hotfix was only to fix the death lag bug where u couldn’t pick ur respawn locations an several reasons for game crash as well bigger patch coming in the middle or feb


actually the patch has some improvements for a change. let this thread die and start playing the game…


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