3001 Ways to Die: 2xH; Mods; Pd until 8/2020; New Players Welcome [US-East Coast PC +18 PvE Server]

Hello fellow Exiles:

Our server started on March 6, 2019, so its not new, but due to majority of the server players have stopped playing Conan Exiles and a few switched to PvP servers, the server is looking for an influx of new players to rebuild the server player base. Server had changed from PvE-Conflict to PvE.

Currently the server has 10 clans that have properties on the server, although most of the server space is open for the taking. We do have server related properties for players to use such as map rooms by obelisks, event arenas, roads, etc.

The server has been paid until August 18, 2020 with some additional funds to extend or expand the server at a later date.

Our rules are fairly simple:

  • First Rule and Most Important Rule: Have Fun!
  • Discriminating or other Excessive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Common sense applies.
  • No Exploiting of bugs.
  • Please do not block access ways to special spawns and rare baby spawns, dungeons or locations.

Server Maintenance: every morning at 6:15 AM EST
No player destruction of property (exception when properties are decayed or purges)
Decay timers: Max 696 hours (29 days) for structures and 30 days for thralls.
With the mod Unlock Plus (with Pickup), all containers, crafting stations and doors can be locked.
Max clan size is 15
Harvesting multiplier is set at 2.0 on a regular basis. Special harvesting events will have a higher multiplier.
Resource re-spawn timers is set at 1.2.
At level 60, admins will raise your number of feats points available to 2,200. Enough for all feats in the game plus all the mods.

Current Mods on the server:

  1. Pippi – User & Server Management
  2. Limestone Building – A Greek Server Mod
  3. Savage Steel
  4. Savage Steel vol II
  5. Stygian Building Kit
  6. Glass Constructions and more…
  7. GCam down to 60
  8. Configurable Elevators
  9. Fashionist
  10. LitMan Thrall Placing Distance
  11. CharEditLite
  12. Sandstorm Ex
  13. Snowstorm Ex
  14. Map Room Teleport Crystal
  15. Emberlight 2.0.5
  16. Immerse RP: Buildings & Placeable Décor
  17. Less Building Placements Restrictions – No NPC Camp Biulding
  18. Amunets Dungeon Assets – Admin only for events dungeon building
  19. Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
  20. River Boats of the Exiled Lands

Our discord channel which has the more detailed information and tips about the server is listed below:

I am one of the three administrators of the server and also an officer of two multi-MMO-gaming guilds (Gaiscioch and Hands of Fate [Dungeon Crawler Network guild] where I run 2 weekly events in ESO for Gaiscioch.

I hope you may take an interest in our server. Thank you.

Sir Henry Vale
3001 Ways to Die Senior Administrator

We decided that since we had no PvPers playing anymore, we change to a PvE type server from our original setting as a PvE-Conflict.

Edited the info above to remove the references to PvP.

Sir Henry Vale
3001 Ways to Die Senior Administrator