30k Explosive Jar damage. !?!?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug

Not sure if intentional. If so its ridiculous. Explosive jars are easy to make. They used to do 10k dmg. Now they do 30k. That is only 2 for a t3 door? This can not be right. What is the point of building a base smart with honey comb when you can get through with 5 jars. 2 jars with extra burn kills a t3 wall. This is a bad change.
BTW its still only 10k to a Vault.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Blow s$*t up

I altered my server and got the damage back to normal. But adjusting building damage to .2%. Key is my server was wiped for this hotfix patch.

Building dmg is borked. I just did 50k dmg with 10 grease orbs and 1 fire orb on T3 foundation.

Not sure how this wasnt looked at in the hotfix… I mean it has to be a super easy database entry fix. Totally destroying raiding on the servers I play on.

My opinion 10k dmg for Vault. its ok. :slight_smile: just look how small costs for build Vault. so that dmg is good.

vault is ok
jars are cheap today

This has been fixed with todays hotfix. Thanks FC