#3214 server goes constant down we need help

Hey Funcom, after my last post that i have posted about constant rollback issues, (you can find it here: Constant rollbacks on server #3214 help us) We now have our servers constant down. this gets worse and worse and we need some assistant with this, i dont want to start all over again Funcom. Please fix your server!

Hi there,

We are monitoring 3214 along with several other servers currently. The devs have been notified of the issues and will be investigating the issues as soon as they can. Please keep a lookout for more information.

Its down now for the past 12 hours.

Omg its still down. It when down while we had a masive fight wiht almost al players. Clans against clans it was epic. The server is offline now for more than 12 hours. Plz fix this !!

Server 3214 !!

15 hours now. Come on!

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Server is almost down for 16 hours now Funcom? Can you do something to make the game work again?

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Hello, I select a server and nothing happens, just stays there no downloading no nothing just stay there listening music! What should I do? I already uninstalled the game and still with the same problem, I only can join a server if someone invites me! That’s crazy

19 hours offline

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Funcom servers still down are you gonna fix this or atleast update us that you are still bussy and working on it?

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I’m on that server too … well … When it was there. …

Is there any news why it’s gone?..

I would really appreciate it if we get ANY news… of its a Ddos attack… whatever the reason. Just tell us.

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Server is stil down. Plz give at least a update or something to calm my nerves :slight_smile:

Server has constant issues still rollbacks and downs. When are you guys planning to fix our server? Multiple friends already stopped the game because of this. Please fix this

I play in prive server the server almost 2 Days is missing the guy Who have the server he said us he saw the server is online but nobady from the players can find it please do something most for the players they left the Game cause about this,

Server is down again…

Can yo help us with this issue…?

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