Stability Issues 1813

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [US Office West Coast]

Can someone please look into the stability of this server. I recently joined this server about a week ago and with 7ish days that server has gone offline for 3 of those and for an extended period of time as well.

I just submitted another ticket on the google form about the server being offline. Also seen previous posts of this problem but those forum posts are closed about the stability of this server. Instability servers = people leaving.

Please look into this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. This is out of my control … I cant replicate it but is very frustrating.
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AT 5:55 PM PST

This problem has only started happening within the last 3 days and only during raid times. I am beginning to believe that this is intentional. please investigate. We already have a clan on that is abusing the unlimited god bubbles. Broken game is Broke.

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Appreciate the backup on this Skard!!! Its so frustrating.

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The server being down coinciding with raid time is definitely suspicious. There was a previous post about this server having stability issues too. Hopefully the issue can be addressed in a timely manner.


Been on this server since launch and it only went down once that I am aware of coinciding with a patch. Worst we had was some temporary rubberbanding. This is different and highly suspicous and happens to correspond to the day when a certain Clan joined 3 days ago and admitted to knowing how to do it in chat. Just saying.

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Funcom Please look into the matter on server 1813 I feel like someone is purposely crashing the server at raid time to avoid raids.

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Yes, please help the server!

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I leave for what, 2 weeks? And this is what I return to? lol

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Unable to login as well

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Even posted on their facebook site. Come on Funcom figure this out…

The strangest thing is the crashes started to happen when the Viking Clan just joined the server…

The only people who are on every time the server Crashes is the Vikings and the Aztecs. The same people. If it is not the Vikings, then I have a feeling it is the Aztecs who are crashing the server. Please Funcom look into this matter.

Here we go… day 4 server is down again. This time 3pm central time. Anyone from funcom or gportal going to give anyone updates?

Funcom… please get someone on this issue… This is the reply from Gportal. They will not assist anyone with official servers unless funcom reports it. Is anyone in the support team at funcom monitoring these forums? Please do something about this. Even a reply with a status update would be nice.

Jarod 13.06.2018 - 22:21
Offical server #1813 has been going offline for hours for the past 4 days. We have filed out the server report tool every time and have had 0 response to any posts of gportal or conan exiles forums. Can we please get an update as to what is going on?? The server is currently down as of 3pm CST.

Rhunyor Customer Support 13.06.2018 - 22:33

G-portal doesn’t have any control over the official servers. Those are handled by FunCom, you would need to report the issue to them. I realize this is inconvient, however there’s just not much we can do from our end just because of the way it’s all setup.

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I came on here to report the same issue. It is getting really bad. its to the point where i dint even carry anything of value for fear that the server will crash and i will lose everything again.

there is a place to report server problems in the support forums page. I have re[ported this issue 2 days in a row but no help. Maybe if everyone submits a report they will do somthing.

Sorry wont let me provide a link.

WirelessEinstein We have been reporting on the server report tool alot. They still have not done anything about it. The server just came up for about 15 min and it is down again.

communications goes along way. if funcom would at least say they are looking into it, i would be less frustrated. but as it stands now i dont think they give a crap. I feel like i got ripped off. my time is important to me and i feel like i just waisted 3 weeks.

100% agree any communication would be great.