4 artifacts in inventory, but zero Artifact points


I just finished The Sea Titans. I have 4 artifacts in inventory: Boom Box, Far-Looker, Hipster Fruit Tester, and Power Brick. For each one, the description includes, “Use Artifact points to buy upgrades in the Ark!” The summary at the top shows 0 Artifact points, and at Pripp’s Place, it says, “0 Artifact points available!”

Am I missing something?


Same issue here…I have all 4 artifacts…Hhhmmm!
Did you figure it out?



Did you use any points to upgrade yet? I noticed mine were still in the inventory after I used the points, I assume wo you can read the flavor text.


Yup, I’ve used the points to upgrade…
I’m guessing the items/artifacts still show in the inventory regardless. I was thinking they’d disappear after using the points.


Ah, that must be it. Yes, I have used 4 artifact points. The game should indicate when they have been used.


I haven’t used my artefacts and cant in shop. this is frustrating as with out upgrade I cant go any further, any help wold be much appreciated. I have payed thro twice and the same bug happens and I know I haven’t used the points as any artefacts I pick up no longer count as points.


glitch starts at hominids cabin as far as I can tell (chap 4)


Hi its Mark here, are you 100% sure you didnt spend any artifact points?

If you are, could you please zip up the whole ‘saved’ folder and mail it to me at: mark@thebeardedladiesconsulting.com please mention what savegame you are using and copy your forum post into the message.

Tnank you!