4 artifacts in inventory, but zero Artifact points


I just finished The Sea Titans. I have 4 artifacts in inventory: Boom Box, Far-Looker, Hipster Fruit Tester, and Power Brick. For each one, the description includes, “Use Artifact points to buy upgrades in the Ark!” The summary at the top shows 0 Artifact points, and at Pripp’s Place, it says, “0 Artifact points available!”

Am I missing something?


Same issue here…I have all 4 artifacts…Hhhmmm!
Did you figure it out?



Did you use any points to upgrade yet? I noticed mine were still in the inventory after I used the points, I assume wo you can read the flavor text.


Yup, I’ve used the points to upgrade…
I’m guessing the items/artifacts still show in the inventory regardless. I was thinking they’d disappear after using the points.


Ah, that must be it. Yes, I have used 4 artifact points. The game should indicate when they have been used.


I haven’t used my artefacts and cant in shop. this is frustrating as with out upgrade I cant go any further, any help wold be much appreciated. I have payed thro twice and the same bug happens and I know I haven’t used the points as any artefacts I pick up no longer count as points.


glitch starts at hominids cabin as far as I can tell (chap 4)


Hi its Mark here, are you 100% sure you didnt spend any artifact points?

If you are, could you please zip up the whole ‘saved’ folder and mail it to me at: mark@thebeardedladiesconsulting.com please mention what savegame you are using and copy your forum post into the message.

Tnank you!


hay there mark. thank you for replaying and sorry for the late replay. ill get on that now


I have exactly the same (and other!) problem with his game. Can we please share the solution?