4 artifacts in inventory, but zero Artifact points

I just finished The Sea Titans. I have 4 artifacts in inventory: Boom Box, Far-Looker, Hipster Fruit Tester, and Power Brick. For each one, the description includes, “Use Artifact points to buy upgrades in the Ark!” The summary at the top shows 0 Artifact points, and at Pripp’s Place, it says, “0 Artifact points available!”

Am I missing something?

Same issue here…I have all 4 artifacts…Hhhmmm!
Did you figure it out?


Did you use any points to upgrade yet? I noticed mine were still in the inventory after I used the points, I assume wo you can read the flavor text.

Yup, I’ve used the points to upgrade…
I’m guessing the items/artifacts still show in the inventory regardless. I was thinking they’d disappear after using the points.

Ah, that must be it. Yes, I have used 4 artifact points. The game should indicate when they have been used.

I haven’t used my artefacts and cant in shop. this is frustrating as with out upgrade I cant go any further, any help wold be much appreciated. I have payed thro twice and the same bug happens and I know I haven’t used the points as any artefacts I pick up no longer count as points.

glitch starts at hominids cabin as far as I can tell (chap 4)

Hi its Mark here, are you 100% sure you didnt spend any artifact points?

If you are, could you please zip up the whole ‘saved’ folder and mail it to me at: mark@thebeardedladiesconsulting.com please mention what savegame you are using and copy your forum post into the message.

Tnank you!

hay there mark. thank you for replaying and sorry for the late replay. ill get on that now

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I have exactly the same (and other!) problem with his game. Can we please share the solution?

I just started playing Mutant today, and I now have 3 artifacts in inventory. I don’t know if they are the same ones that I used to purchase skills or not, but in any case I can’t purchase any with those 3 I have.
I have been through 11 areas in the Zone, not including the Ark. I have explored each area thoroughly as I can, sneaking around higher level mobs, and picked up close to 400 scrap, some outfit items, over 200 weapon parts, and, I guess, those few artifacts. My characters are now level 8.
I am stymied on how to proceed with the game, as I can’t upgrade my weapons to do enough damage to stealthily take out even level 5 mobs of which there is one large group left in The Fallen Angel. My weapons currently do 5 (pistols) to 6 or 7 (crossbow and Rambino) damage, so as soon as I fire on a level 5 with 8 health with silent weapon the still living mob calls for help and everyone including mobs with lots of health (don’t remember but over 10) swarms over to kill my crew.
All of the rest of the areas I have searched through are level 25 through 45, so I haven’t even attempted to fight anyone there but have cleaned out anything I can find.
I haven’t a clue what to do next to gain the additional power that I need to continue.

I hope it is OK to commandeer this old thread for my request.

Hey Jaim-sandar,

Are you using your weapon parts to upgrade your weapons? That’s one very important element in gaining the upper hand in a fight. Head to Viridia’s Shop in the Ark to upgrade them, and remember to attack scopes and weapon mods. Artifact Points are spent at Pripp’s Bar in the Ark.

You should sneak around and isolate single enemies and then attack them for as much damage as possible. If you have the three silent weapons (Crossbow, Ancient Pistol, MIMIR Needle Pistol) fully upgraded you should be able to take out singled out enemies with them. Singling out enemies and taking them out silently is a good way to gain a few extra levels. Even if enemies have a level or two on your characters, you should still be able to defeat them.

Finally, Bormin’s Hog Rush is considered a silent attack when you use it, and will knock out an enemy long enough for you to take them out with silent weapons.

I thought I covered everything but maybe I left out some details.
I have the three silent weapons. Yes, I upgraded my weapons as far as I could with the parts I have found, resulting in 5 or 6 damage at the most, depending on which weapon. One noisy weapon does 7 damage, but obviously that gets too much attention from the noise.
I have repeatedly searched all of the 11 areas I can currently access, and picked up all of the weapon parts, scrap, and artifacts that I found and that are not guarded by enemies I can’t defeat. I can’t purchase the Hog Rush ability because I have no artifacts except for three that I apparently have already used. Even the groups of level 5 enemies are mostly ones with 8, 10, or more health, and I can’t upgrade weapons for enough damage to take out even the ones with lowest health, silent or otherwise, before they call for help and I am overwhelmed by numbers. They don’t seem to move far enough away from the others for their calls to not be heard. The only group that are less than level 10 are the group of level 5 in The Fallen Angel. I have had absolutely no success dealing with the level 10 or higher.
All I have been able do for hours is revisit each area I have already searched. I sneak around the areas with level 10 or 25 , and occasionally attempt unsuccessfully to single out and kill enemies from the level 5 group in The Fallen Angel. There and in the higher level areas, after repeated searches I can find no more items to loot.

Are you also unlocking mutations on the character screen as your characters are levelling up? That’s where you get Hog Rush and other abilities. Remember that those are different to the team skills ones you unlock at Pripp’s Bar with artifact points.

I had forgotten that the mutations are separate from the artifact skills. But that doesn’t help because I only have 2 mutation points available so I can’t do anything there as things stand now.
Actually, I could spend those 2 points on Selma’s Tree Hugger.
So far:
Borman has Run n Gun and two health upgrades.
Dux has Skull Splitter and two stat upgrades: Health and Movement
Selma has no mutations and three stat upgrades: Health, Thrower, Health
I have 2 points available at level 8.

I guess I will have to make some more attempts at the group in Fallen Angel. That’s really the only option at this point. Maybe I might finally get lucky and be able to take out a couple of them before dealing with the rest.

There should be one or two guys patrolling that area that you should be able to take out with silent weapons.

As for the big group: grenades are your friend! Use Selma’s Tree Hugger to pin them down, then throw grenades and Molotov cocktails to set them on fire and do a lot of damage. Don’t forget about the Medbot though, as it has a tendency to spring to life and revive dead comrades.

Playing xbox i naded the defibrillator an the 2 bad guys an it disappeared… ive come back 5 times now an its still gone? Should i make another playthrough or will it come back after i start seeds of evil?

Hey guys. Is this problem solved? I mean a problem with spending artifacts at Pripp’s Bar?
I have many artifacts to spend but the artifacts counter still shows 0 :frowning:
I play on XBOX One

Same problem here. I have several artifacts in the backpack, and no way to spend/trade them at the bar.

Now… this may not be a bug, it might be intentional—I have three artifacts and have spent three upgrade points, but if it is the intended behavior, it is a very confusing design to trade parts over time, and yet keep them in the backpack. See… players (I bet ALL players) would consider a backpack as inventory; not a non-interactive library record of found notes & [quest?] items. This is what it seems to be.

The problem comes of returning to the game (after enough time to forget these things), and seeing this stuff in the backpack, and so of course the first thing you do is go to the ark, to turn them into the bar…and nothing happens.