5 Players SP Coop, next day 5th player can't join

Game mode: Singleplayer, Coop
Type of issue: Bug (?)
Server type: PvE/Coop/Singleplayer
Region: Germany

I didn’t know where to exactly put this issue, I hope it’s no problem I put it in “bug report”.

Basically, on the 16th of March, my 4 friends and I (The Host) made a Conan coop singleplayer world (using the “Singleplayer” option) and played for quite some time without any issues (Other than the fact, it was daytime for me constantly, but it fixed itself on the next day). However, today (17th of March), the 5th player and friend could never join the server. (It did not matter who the 5th player was, aslong as 4 were already in game, the 5th could never join.) There was no option to invite people over the Steam overlay, they had no button to join the server via the steam overlay, and sending out an In Game invite allegedly never reached the player.

I haven’t touched the server in any way, I also found no options to set max players either. I’ve restarted my game (and therefore, the coop server) several times but it all proved pointless. Did I accidentally mess with something? Is there a way to fix or bypass it?

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