5th level perks not working (Corrections in revision)

(Revision to this post) Seems I was getting incorrect damage data from a mod and I’ve retested the archery 5th perk and it does work as advertised. Melee damage bonus perks may also be just fine, but as posted in other replies, there are other perk issues that need addressing. I deleted some of my incorrect info from this OP.

I posted a couple weeks ago about the final vitality perk not working. There is no healing burst at the end as is described. Just now, I tested the Accuracy 5th perk. 50% more damage on a head shot. NOPE!

I did just test the agility perk of the double jump and it actually does work.

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Actually, I find it is a beast. I always enjoyed sniping and the current range and accuracy, coupled with poison arrows rock. If you get the right range, the target stands in the cloud til dead :slight_smile:

The “Crevice in the armor” perk wording implies it works with any weapon, enhancing the pike’s damage.

I can’t speak to the vitality perk since my main defense is to not get hit (much) :slight_smile:

Good testing, Sirvink. I used Practical Things several times, kudos to @Alex02 , but stay away from all other mods and unload PT unless testing damage.

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I made that MoD to use the damage at the end of its calculation (armor, penetration etc) as far as I can tell it is throwing the correct numbers but without a Dev or someone saying whether the perks are indeed working correctly it will be hard to tell whether or not the MoD is working correctly.

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Even if the numbers are not exact, the relative damage when changing attacks or weapons is quite useful :slight_smile:

Yeah, I love it for single player testing - now if only I could have it on my dedicated server :slight_smile:

It is incredibly useful in fine tuning any attack or defense strategy.

Hey there,

Is this issue experienced by anyone else? If so I would update the notes I sent to the devs regarding the vitality perk with these new findings.

So I had noticed a long time ago that the 5th vitality perk doesn’t do much if anything…the 4th vitality perk is the same as far as no noticeable difference as far as I can see. I just did some testing and it seems that the 3rd, 4th, and 5th strength perk aren’t working as well. That is according to my mod but since it is coded to output AFTER all damage calculations I can only guess that either the perks aren’t working or there is some damage calculation that occurs AFTER the final damage calculation occurs which doesn’t seem likely. The individual points into strength do increase damage as intended.


@sirvink doesn’t this mod work on your dedicated server? If so may I ask why?

I really don’t know. Was hoping you had some insight. Have you used it with a dedicated server? I would use it all the time if I could.

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I have never tested on a dedicated server…does it not work on dedicated servers?

EDIT: This information is misleading. See my post below!

I just recently tested the 4th vitality perk. 25% increased heal it says.

Herbal Tea and Roasted Haunch give both 10HP/s over 10 seconds. They do stack. So I get 200HP/10s with 0 vitality. With 40 vitality I get up to 300HP/10s.

This is a 50% increase, not 25%.

@Ignasis I suggest implementing some proper unit tests for these kind of mechanics. It helps a lot to find math mistakes after balancing changes.

No, it does not. work on a dedicated server. I don’t know enough about modding to know if something has to be included in a mod for working on both server and client. I really hope you can find out though and am happy to keep testing for you.

my clients in both testlive and live show differently. Not sure where you get the 25% increase from? But, you are right that these formulas need to be checked. Another test would be to try it at 39 vitality and then again at 40 vitality, just in case there is some gradual healing rate increase as vitality increases. I think I will test this today as well. I’m pretty sure the last update was a monumental task to get out the door in time for the holidays and there just wasn’t enough time for full QA on it. I don’t mind getting my hands on content before it is fully ready, as I like figuring out what works and what doesn’t.


I just tested again, you get increased health regen the more vitality you have. But even 100% would double the heal, which it does not.

My new test results (roasted haunch + herbal tea):

39 vit: ~260 HP
40 vit: ~320 HP

This looks more like 25% but not quite (~23%). The last test I did was with 29 vitality and 40. This explains the increase by 50% because vitality increases heal rate in general.

I will have to take back my words from my last post.

So the description of the vitality perk is incomplete: “Vitality determines the size of your health pool.”
It also determines the amount of heal you get from food and potions. Also, the 4th perk description is wrong too.


Nice work!

So I did some more perk testing and this was regarding the archery 5th perk. Turns out it is working as intended. The damage number mod is not reporting the numbers correctly, so it seems Funcom adds on the bonus after the damage mod gives it’s information (not sure honestly).

Mammoth hunting: 4.5 head shots to take one down. 7 shots in the back end to take it down. All full power shots.

Allright that works. I don’t play really anymore but I will dig into the mod and see if I can find what its missing and why it doesn’t work on dedicated servers. Thanks for the info guys.

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