6/11/2019 60g update on xbox?

I’ve look over everywhere I can find news and updates and found nothing on today’s 60g update. 60 gigs is huge to go unannounced. What is this update? Or can someone point me in the right to direction to find the update announcement/patchnotes?

All updates and bugs for Xbox One can be found in the Xbox Updates forum area. When you are in the general funcoms forums there is a whole topic for Xbox and then under that a topic dedicated to updates. Here is the one for today’s patch:

Xbox Hotfix 11 June 2019

Also, on Twitter they post links to the hot fixes, testlive and other communications:

Conan Exiles Official Twitter

The Hotfix is not a patch size of 60GB. Way back when Conan Exiles was first released we would have the game reinstalled each time. They finally figured out how to properly package it up for Microsoft and sized it down. This patch is actually reinstalling the entire game for you, patch and all.

The developers are not respecting that some players have data caps, slower internet, daily jobs, etc and it’s not so nice to have to re-download 60GB when it’s already on your hard drive.


60gb of music!

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Just got the game Saturday, couldnt wait to play it…Untill it took 40 gigs to install, than a 75 gig update and now its tuesday and im waiting on another 60 gig update. What bs

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Oh and when I log into a no loot drop on death server all my stuffs gone, and I checked event log and I wasn’t killed, and my unconscious body wasn’t looted. All my stuff was mysteriously dropped on the floor and decayed…

Yea I found the hotfix section it wasn’t posted till after I waited 3 hours for the “hotfix” 60gb patch of fricken music who the hell cares about the music when there ate more important things to fix??

Part of this is also how it repacks files. Sometimes it need to totally replace a major section and a small 5gb patch wont do.

Think of it like handing you boss/teacher a paper with work on it.
Do you hand in one with tape and white out all over it? or do you hand them a new one. Sometimes the game needs this.
ESO did this month or so back, Destiny II did this recently. (but during main menu with long load time as it resorted it)

Ps4 side, we basically have to have install size free every-time we patch game… (thou from time to time we get lucky)

How is that 60GB on Xbox One, yet not even 1GB (956.3MB to be precise) for the same update on PS4? Seems rather bizarre.

and here I am, largely listening to the same CDs I’ve listened to for the last twenty years! Oh well (yeah I know you were being facetious).

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