Xbox one 4 gig update today?

I see my conan exiles and siptah downloading an update today, 4+ gigs worth. What is in this update?

916,6 Mo for me on Ps4 :+1: little patch, i came to get the info

I didnt see a post or announcement about an update today for xbox. :confused:

The sprint bug is gone tho thabkfully!!!

So nobody knows why xbox had an update today?


There are patch notes for it in the Xbox patch notes section. It was added to the end of the last patch

Some of what jumped out to me is a fix for the stamina bug, and offline players will again be able to play single player


It was mainly a hot fix to fix the offline singleplayer, it broke on xbox and playstation. The game kept trying to log onto the funcom servers and wouldn’t let any one click anything else in the menu, it would pop up a not connected to live services message. I had that issue and after the update my game works again.

Hey there,

Here are the patchnotes for 2.6.1.

To discuss the patch please use this thread: