PS4 Update 2.6 - Discussion Megathread

Please use this thread to discuss Update 2.6 on PS4.

Read the patchnotes here:

Read the blog post about the launch of People of the Dragon Pack:


All right, here is my take so far. Will edit as more game play.
Playing on a PS4 Pro
Official PVE-c server
Same issues I found with the Xbox

The White background is still there. Though not nearly as bad, depends on the day.

Any flamed placable seems hyper active.

My Exile feels more like it’s floating while running. Movements seem very hyperactive. Seems to move much faster then the environment around my Exile. It’s like the game is on speed. Drinking a potion is super fast.
Night seems to fly by now.

Graphics still look muddy / washed out

Dead Thralls Still disappear under the meshing. Meshing seems to be worse, as some spots I stand my legs disappear into the mesh.

Thralls Still "Must be placed on a walkable floor

Weather effects feel more realistic. Like Snow and rain.
Fighting seems way easier. Exile moves much faster then NPCs.
Thralls after a fight return immediately to their last position, and sheath their weapons! YES!!!

Seems the climbing bug has been fixed for the PS4.


Twitch drops still not working. Visible in admin panel but not able to spawn.
Edit: After severing than linking again the drops are working fine!! Finally!! :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Does this update fix the texture rendering speed? I reinstalled the game a few days ago and after building a small tree house with a carpet, stove and a cupboard, I turned around and saw it lag on loading the textures and stopped playing. Why is this a thing?

BTW im on PS5 now.

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Let you know not home yet.

I’m am going say no.
I built my base up on a tower buy the Dam.
Not even a minute into playing the game the rendering froze me, couple of seconds later I was respawning at my bed.
While I was froze my exile leapt to her death.

I’ve played solo and on a private server.

Solo: Rendering seems better for me. Not perfect, but definitely faster and noticeably less rubberbanding.
Admin Panel has NPCs back and Free build definitely is working on my end.

Solo and Private Server (not mine but the one I play on) Missing spawns are back in every location I have scouted.
Orb of Nergal seems to work just fine.
Twitch drops are craftable (spawnable in admin panel)
I have found a couple of interesting drops.
Sacks named XX-Unarmed Left and XX-Unarmed Right. They disappear after being equiped (but set one into the pugilist stance) and attacked with.

Overall, very happy with this patch.
I personally enjoy the building piece pick up option, it is immensely utile, but understand it may be good to disable on PvP servers for reasons.

Excellent good. Bwavo.


Got on a friend’s private Siptah server for a few minutes looking alright didn’t have more time to spend will check out my Exiles server tomorrow.

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Female hair models 11, 14 and 15 are still having problems in the color palette. The blonde color turns red in these models as shown in the photo

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thank you

a lot of things are better and well

I even almost want to give you a donation in addition to the purchase of the Dlc

(should really see to set up this option, it can help especially for the barbecue of the staff)

Thank :kissing_heart:

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Now that I’ve had a few hours to play around with the Nemedian DLC, I do need to take a moment to note how much I’m liking it.

The fieldstone and timber motif is very well executed, but it’s the little touches like the fences resembling machicolations and one of the frames looking like castle hordings that are really grand. Windowed roof pieces are an excellent addition. The furniture fits really well and the textures are spot on. Especially the new fireplace. The set meshes very well with Stable pieces and the watcher furnishings as well. For a few sets, I’ve had issues joining the arched roof pieces to flat ones, but the way these are designed it seems much smoother. It’s really just a joy to build with.

That’s not even mentioning the books. Bound books. Not exactly a common commodity in the Hyborian Age, but a much welcome addition.

So not only was this update out on time (as in, the date mentioned is the date it dropped) and addressed or at least improved upon some pretty big issues, but the DLC is very nice and the whole package was available simultaneously across platforms.

I try to be fair.
If I’m going to snarl when displeased… I also need to praise when I think something is well done… and I’m really enjoying the new build pieces this set had clarity of purpose and excellence in execution. Mind you, I’m enjoying it all the more because of the pick up pieces and no build cost admin options dropping at the same time.

Oh, here, let me come up with something to not squee about.
The Nemedian gear set looks grand and a bit lavish. I do like it.
My one change would be making the “Katana” something more on the lines of a Grosse Messer or Swiss Sabre, or somewhere in between.
That said, plenty of time in the future for Messer style “katana”.


My dear friend, is it still possible to learn how to fix the drops?
If yes I expect you to fix a video or something, thanks :+1:t6:.
@Katanzarus excellent observation, if you haven’t done a proper bug report please proceed, thank you.
@SherlockTheHomie on ps5 you have rendering issues? I really hope these issues are not similar to ps4.

To be completely honest I did it by accident. I was trying to access my twitch account but forgot my password so had to change the password. This automatically severs any linked accounts and than I went through the link account procedure in game. Sorry to disappoint bud but there will be no video lol. Not my forte.


Will have to try that.

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New PS4 patch 2.6.1 - Patch Notes


Thanks for everything :+1:t6:. I just opened my console and I wait for the update. It is finally time to start building with the new dlc :tada::tada::tada:

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Just talked to my wife she got patch seems like things are better will know more tonight. Who says Crom doesn’t do anything for us.

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A few odd stability/snap point issues when attaching sloped roofs to inverted roof corners, but I need to try it more thoroughly with a variety of roof types to make sure.
Roof corners are snapping to inverted corners just fine, but regular sloped roofs seem to be having a bit of difficulty.
I’ll putz around more before filing anything official, just to make certain it isn’t something odd with where I was building or such.

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i love conan exiles for that too :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Looks like a statue hanging in the air nice shot