PC Update 2.6 - Discussion Megathread

Please use this thread to discuss Update 2.6 on PC.

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Fixed an issue in regards to server transfers.

Fixed an issue where characters copied into a database would create duplicates under certain circumstances.

With these fixes, has the cooldown been set back to the original 3 days?


Hi, thanks for the update.

Is servers transfers enable again on officials servers?


That is the plan, yes. We are doing some checks as we speak and if all is well, a separate announcement will be published soon.


Just to be sure. 60GB is correct, right? That’s not a mistake?


Yeah… i’m wondering about that as well.

60gigs is a lot, what’s in this patch that requires half the game files to be checked?

Probably quicker to do a clean download rather than patch it.

When on x box this is coming ? And will be conan still 150 gb on series x or will it getting smaller

Patch on series x is 49,6 gb


ok maybe stupid question but how this patch is actual larger than actual game download, i mean conan is around 70 GB atleast steam shows it like that but this patch is 60 GB so just to update conan i am now forced to delete other games and actual files i need like autocad… just to update game that later will be ± 10 gb only?

It’s because of the way things work on steam. If Funcom makes small changes to 15 different files, we aren’t able to just download those small changes, we need to download the whole of each of those 15 files. Then the system figures out what it’s got and replaces the old files with the new ones. It’s why we always need way more spare space to download than the game will actually take up when it’s fully updated. (If any of that makes sense?)


60 Gb on PC / Steam. (edited)

I have fiber :slight_smile:

that thing more worked like that in xbox and ps not PC pc are only one that could replace folder not entire game, but at this point i cant update without uninstalling it because i just dont have enough space -.-

And that is total disc space game uses not download, u have 60 GB download and 2.3/102 updated in disc not the patch file

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60 gb’s is the size of the download before it’s unpacked. After download it expands to 102 gb. Or that is the way I see it anyway. I could be wrong.

So I see no information on the Zath priest who has been missing in action for a couple of months, is he fixed or the other sellers on the map who are missing??? Did I just miss reading about those fixes or they not included in this???

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I think and would suggest that for such major(?) updates or… Patches, Funcom should simply write right away that a reinstallation is simply better.

I’m not sure that’s the case - I’m showing a 60gb download for the patch, but the system specs on steam list the base game now at 115gb - so logically a full reinstall would be almost twice as long (plus I’ve done two in the past month or so for ‘computer reasons’, so I’d really rather not, lol)

60GB patch is absurd.
I suspect they dont understand the meaning of patch.
Patches shouldn’t exceed or even come close to the size of the entire game.
Bring me the head of the idiot in-charge of patches.

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Thats 115 unpacked (uncompressed).
This 60GB files unpacks to 102GB.

Patch shouldn’t be this big unless they decided to change every texture in the game… and they didn’t