Xbox Update 2.5.1 Discussion Megathread

Please use this thread to discuss the newest Xbox update and any subsquent patches it receives.

Patchnotes thread:


Server transfers?

„Near future“…in other words either never of in a few years :joy:

Server 7080 has been down since 8 am this morning and still can not get back in. I sure hope this is fixed soon.

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Why cant FC just test the patches before FC releases the patches?

It would be great if it didn’t break the Siptah servers and single player mod can’t play thank you

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Is the issue being fixed for the xbox Siptah Servers? Can’t get online since the update. Single player is also a no go. Crashes the game before loading a quarter of the bar.

Super disappointed to see servers are not playable today.

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after the update it was impossible to enter the servers in online mode, we were unable to play in offline mode, this started to happen after today’s update 02/09/2021, all our colleagues are also having the same problem.

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No it is still completely broken as of 23:45 BST

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So I’ve gotten a bit of time to play, I’ve come across a few new bugs, or at least new to me

Some distant objects are not rendered correctly, there is just a white void where they should be. Drinking a night eye potion seems to fix it until you have to log back in.

I also got stuck in the spinning camera that happens if you stay still to long. I could move but all my direction controls were backwards and my camera control was also weird. Additionally I could equip weapons from my hot bar, but I could not actually see the hot bar. Resetting fixed this one

Weapon sheathing is pretty awesome, although the lying bastard sword is worn upside down. I’m guessing it’s because the game treats it as a war axe. It’s silly and not a pressing issue but though it was worth mentioning

I did not experience the stagger immune NPCs that have been effecting PC since 2.5, so hopefully that’s means Xbox in general doesn’t have that bug

What I’ve seen of new animations seem pretty cool, but I didn’t have a ton of time to go into testing them so I’ll wait to share my views on them until I’ve had some more time

Orb of Nergal in Exiled Lands and Siptah is hosed. Once I engage it the only control that works is the camera (which works much better!), but A and B buttons and selection controls for modifiers don’t do anything. The only way out after engaging the orb is to use the Xbox button and completely quit the game.

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No server transfer the one thing that people was looking forward to do can we even get a response on why it wasn’t added on the update?


Really Funcom, Server transfer was the selling point of this update! Huge disappointment. And you wounder why your failing in the gamming industry.

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No? Fml. Thats what I came in here for…grumbles
Some anniversary this is…

Would we expect anything else from funcom… I dnt knw. I keep saying never again bt i always find my self just hopin to actuall log in after 1 of these updates and be like wow its so much better… but we all know by now thats wishful thinking to say the least. on a side not played kitana changes for all of 5minutes yesturday and Funcom You completly ruined that for me. im sure other people will like the kitana changes but i think it dumb and unusable now. so the only other weapon i liked besides daggers is now ruined. i dont enjoy and other weapon but hey im just one person so who cares right. but this is the second time remember when they changes the staff/polearm what ever you wanna call it and got rid of the side to side attack. yeah. so from polearm changes i went to kitanas and now those are ruined. so im stuck with just daggers now and lets be honest if theres no variety the combat is already lacking and unimpressive just using daggers all the time gets boring… why do you have to do stuff like this funcom? at least with the great axes you had a few options that kept the old moveset… did you do that with kitanas? am i missing something? what ever… good luck out there exiles i hope funcom makes your game expierence better cause they keep ruining it for me little by little.

Good luck everyone i’m done just gave away the last of my stuff to friends funcom almost never gets it right takes way too long to get updates out and when updates hit the most important part is missing so yeah this is my good bye :wave:

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Thralls fall through the ground everywhere post 2.5.
They still don’t return to guard position.
They still get stuck on everything.
They still don’t sheath their weapons, always in attack stance.
I’m not wasting my three day weekend editing and uploading vids and pics, yet, to prove Funcom doesn’t own nor test on XBSX.
Oh, but if I move their weapon into their inventory it looks cool on their backs. Really??

And, CE crashes more on XBSX now, it even shut off my XBSX. How?!

You forgot the “must be placed on walkable ground”