Xbox Update 2.5.1 Discussion Megathread

Love the sheathed weapons! But after my NPCs fight, they are still leaving their weapons equipped and in fight stance. They are not sheathing them on their own.

Xbox shutdown mid game is either the console is too hot or the power supply.



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But it’s not my birthday😣

@Lucidique you better update the forum then.
Happy UNbirthday. :innocent::blush::yum:

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The shields on our back looks really dumb. Covers our back, hides our character and we look like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Lol The weapons are cool sheathed, the shields are not.

Its a thread about why tested patches blow up.

War sickles don’t display properly when sheathed. They’re backwards.

My thralls still die unpredictable. Lost again one . I had them there for more then a year, but they die frequently since the update that caused they leave guarding position etc…

What I saw also yesterday, that near were the thrall died, rocks & plants “grew” in my base. I could not harvest them and when I logged in back, they had gone. Can it be, the thralls are killed by spawning rocks ?

I hate it, I lost 6 thralls meanwhile that way.

So how much longer for server transfers now? Any word?

Please add this latest bug report to the list for 2.5.2. I know it’s a lot but, I gotta try. :slight_smile:

This is for Conan Exiles and the latest update.
With the update last week the game will not work at all. During the update
it stopped at 3.4 % and would go no further.
So I reinstalled the game with the exact same results, at 3.4 % at the
exact time the “game ready chime” hits it stops and will go no further.
Once the chime went off at 3.5% and again stopped working. The darn game
will not download at all. I like the game so much I went and bought a new
console hoping that would fix it, and it did not. Please tell me what to do.
I spent all of Saturday working with Xbox trying to get this to work and they
have said it must be a Funcom issue and told me to contact you for further
information. We have done several factory resets etcetera and none of them worked.
Xbox told me to call Funcom, but I cannot locate a US number.
I have used my brain up on this, maybe one of you can figure this out.

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Shields are fine on our backs, don’t be that guy

New patch 2.5.2 released.

And server transfer… You sold everyone on SERVER TRANSFER! When will this happen?

Hey Ignasi, i thought I should bring up, as a person who had PRK laser eye surgery

With the white background bug it’s the first time I’ve felt serious burning and watering in my eyes while gaming, so bad to the point now i have to stop playing, and it sucks honestly.

That intense of the white can seriously damage people who’ve had eye surgery, i just wanted to see if it’s a priority at this point since it really can damage vision.

I popped into the game today after the update but had to log right out as the white just blasted me in the eyes soon as i get in.

Players figured out the the night vision will fix the white once it wears off.

A fix until the real problem is solved could be the devs make it so we apply a night vision effect to all players when they log in for maybe 1 minute so we can all get the white gone on log in when the effect wears off.

This could be a decent work around until the problem is fully fixed😊

But can you please mention to the devs that people with eye surgery are really having issues with this.

Thanks a lot and cheers!


2.5, 2.5.1 and now 2.5.2 and no mention of Thrall fixes.
A bit late for anyone at FC to cry plausible deniability.
How bout an update man?
At least include a note, working on thrall issues.

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No. Remember they already fixed it, just like they fixed getting stuck in rhino heads over a year ago and that still happens lol. Funcom isnt capable of fixing this game. Stop wasting your time and $ on them. Funcom has horrible customer service and dont keep any of us informed on anything. They are a joke. We are all stuck in a rhino head head that that they already fixed.

White background bug. Fix when please?

Climbing bug. Fix when please?

Randomly dying thralls. Fix when please?

These three are game-breaking bugs, and really need to prioritised over some arrow malarkey.

Thank you.