Xbox Update 2.5.1 Discussion Megathread

There have been maybe 1-2 gaming companies I’ve run across that actually provided updates.
It was usually, “We’re still working hard on X, we can’t give you an ETA but know we’re on it.”
And for that, they earned my respect and, money.

It’s bad enough to have so many game breaking bugs after taking our money but, no updates on them?
Other than, “The ton of requested features and improvements to make you adventures in CE more memorable.”

The only thing I’m going to remember is how bug-ridden and frustrating CE was…

P.S. If I had the dying thralls bug, I would be ALL OVER these forums and FC.

I feel CE endures such detrimental bugs due to the testing parameters. The test environment is too dissimilar to the actual live play environment. Fixes for bugs created by the disconnect between environments, are created in the same environment that causes the bugs.

Its a cycle that has no end point. The testing environment must be more similar to the play environment for testing results to have any value.