6/15/2018 Tribuchet continues to be buggy

Game mode: [Online | PC: My own Server
Problem: Bug
Region: [US]

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I built the entire Trebuchet and there are 3 general bugs with the Trebuchet.

  1. When approaching it from multiple angles it seems to have 3 separate inventories as if it doesn’t cancel out those that came before the final one during its building of the Arm and final item. SO you can place explosives in one inventory on the Trebuchet and go to the other side and there will be another empty inventory. There is also a third which contains some of the left over item there when building the arm, Twine ect…

  2. Reload is extremely buggy and hardly ever works. You need to approach it from numerous angels and spam hit E to get it to reload. 1 out of 20 tries it then reloads.

  3. The exact same issue with #2 exists for the Fire mechanism. very buggy.

Opinion: After hours of testing I have determined that even the rocks placed to counter balance have minimal effect in distance. Despite it being rudimentary by design, during a battle, setting this thing up which is no easy task, then loading rocks, and then testing for aim old school over and over until you get your sweet spot, the battle by then has relocated or ended. Not for nothing but a much simpler mechanic is in order here. Not only would I recommend dismissing the rocks entirely for counter balance and replacing it with a lit up large ground reticle, I would also suggest placing the user inside of its view somehow where they get a better look at the field and their time spent should be limited to only crafting explosives and sieges, aiming and firing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a Trebuchet.

Thank you,