Trebuchet Bug - Ps4/Ps5

Game mode: Online (Private)

Type of issue: Bug

Server type: * PvE

Region: West-Central

Hardware: PS5 Update - (22.01- - Game Version - 1.78

Bug Desription:

Trying to reload the trebuchet does nothing but open its inventory - almost like the interaction box is missing entirely. Ive seen several forums talking about this but hasnt been fixed yet

Expected Behavior:

I expect for it to reload itself no problem just by tapping “square” on the general area of the reload. Does nothing - expect it to shoot.

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Its been there so long, Always thought it was just side you were on.

It kinda goes away on its own. I’ve never let it brother me to much.

Whats funny, I clicked topic fully ready to reply “you got foundation to far in ground, rise it up”
Since thats such common issue. XD

You fix your trebuchet.
Then you fix your ammo.
Counterweight is optional, it defines the range.

You grab the ammo and put it manually on payload box

Then you shoot from here with square button

And you reload from here with square button

If you change ammo, don’t forget to fill the square of the payload and it will work automatically

Have fun exile :+1:t6:

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