8054 down like always

Hello people. Could some devs Idk fix 8054? It crashes all the time, like ALL THE TIME :frowning: and when I am in a vault I will be dead soon as I log back in. Like Really? Can’t there be some kind of coding done to make people not be dead if they go linkdead inside a stupid vault? or like when you are walking or riding around and you go linkdead could you not still be killable by mobs or falling? You know how annoying it is to have to re run all those vaults every couple of hours because the game Crashes constantly? Like why am I being punished because your servers are unstable? Like don’t have me being killed over some laggy server nonsense, let me die in the game with some dignity if you don’t mind.

It sounds like server lag. If that’s a eu server I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s absolutely littered with claim. I have found for whatever reason eu players don’t seem to report unlike American servers.